Ragna: the floor lamp that does it all

17 February 2024
Ragna: the floor lamp that does it all
Everyday life involves many situations with multiple needs that need to be met at different times. It is therefore crucial that the possessions we have available in our homes can help us with our various tasks. The new additions to the existing Ragna floor lamp series from Lindby are an excellent example of functional design that is specifically designed to meet all the needs that arise during the day. At the same time, the lamp can display a beautiful exterior with an elegant aesthetic and a pleasant lighting effect, so you have a beautiful designer object to beautify the interior in both on and off mode.

The floor lamp's graceful stature is reminiscent of a flower in bloom. The lamp has a solid base and a matching frame, available in black and nickel finish. The upper part of the ensemble is adorned with an upturned glass shade with a lifelike alabaster look and beautiful marbling on the surface. However, this is not the only light source: as a special feature, Ragna also has an additional shade in a matching design mounted in the middle of the frame.

The top shade faces upwards and therefore emits a beautiful and diffused uplight that creates a harmonious backlight and successfully complements the overall room lighting. The so-called uplight is popular because the light appears much softer than a downlight and spreads further into the room. The lower shade is mounted to the frame and can be used as a reading lamp, as it is equipped with two flex joints to adjust the position of the shade and thus change the direction of the light, for this purpose the lamp is equipped with a small rod for fine adjustment.

Both light sources are equipped with energy-efficient LED light and can be operated separately via their own switches. The switches also have a dimming function that enables stepless brightness adjustment. You can find the entire beautiful and functional lighting collection right here.