Silver Lamps

A silver lamp ensures first-rate elegance, grace, and aesthetic. The glossy metal can spruce up any pendant, ceiling lamp, floor lamp, wall lamp, or table lamp, and not only does it shine into the room, but the metal also reflects its surroundings.

Discover our value for money range of lamps with a silver finish, where you can find the lovely, glossy lamps of your dreams. A silver lamp ensures an exclusive expression that look stunning, particularly in extension of the Nordic style. If your décor needs an elegant boost, try a silver table lamp for your desk—the little lamp will give the room a wonderful expression and undoubtedly impress you and your guests.

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Tallinn Pendant Multi - Lindby
RRP GBP 300.00
In stock now
Myron Pendant Alu - Lucande
RRP GBP 235.00
In stock now
Davian Pendant Nickel - Lindby
RRP GBP 149.00
In stock now
Manon Pendant Nickel - Lindby
RRP GBP 225.00
In stock now
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Chrome lamps

Chrome lamps are some of the most elegant elements you can add to your décor. Glossy surfaces—whether they’re chrome, silver, or some other kind of glossy metal—reflect their surroundings, drawing the eye back to the surface. They live in your home, comma
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