Design lamps for kids and the kids’ room

At Lampmasters you’ll find a selection of sweet and charming lamps for the kids’ room, one place where you don’t want to compromise on quality or safety. Our children deserve the best lighting and that’s exactly what you’ll find here. Read our guide and find lots of inspiration and great lamp ideas for your child’s room.

LED children’s lamps – yes or no?

There are no hard-and-fast rules about whether or not children’s lamps should use LEDs or not, but we recommend it. LEDs save lots of energy, so you can easily leave a lamp lit all night long without having to worry about your electricity bill. They also have a very long lifespan – on average 25,000 hours. Plus, LED bulbs don’t get hot like traditional incandescent bulbs so your kids can’t burn themselves with the light source. We highly recommend using LEDs – not just in the kids’ room, but in the entire house.

If you're considering LED for your home, you can find our complete selection here.

Design lamps in the kids’ room – our top choice

Design lamps in the kids’ room – our top choice

Our #1 recommendation for a designer lamp for the kids’ room is the collection of sweet little creatures from Mr Maria. One of our colleagues here at Lampmasters has a Nanuk in her son’s room and a Miffy in her daughter’s room, and they’re both huge hits!

These lamps from Mr Maria are dimmable via a little round knob, which we think is much more practical than a 3-step dimmer since they can be turned all the way down so they’re almost off. Our colleague leaves hers on all night long at the lowest setting, and because they’re LED you don’t have to give your energy consumption a second thought.
As you can see here, Nanuk is an adorable polar bear measuring 41cm high. It spreads warm and atmospheric light in the evening and looks just as great during the day when it’s turned off – a sweet friend every child will love.  

Miffy, Nanuk and all of their animal friends from Mr Maria are thoroughly tested and approved. These lamps are just an excellent choice – you don’t have to worry about safety or your energy bill, and since they never get hot your child can give them a hug whenever they like. Trust us – they’ll be your kids’ best friends in no time.

Image courtesy of @bytved via Instagram

Another popular lamp for the kids’ room is Eos from Vita. The feather lamp, as many people call it, is a fluffy and fun lamp that looks great almost anywhere in the home but especially in a child’s room.
Eos is available in white, brown or grey and in a range of sizes, as well as pendant, table, floor and wall versions – any one of them would look fantastic in your child’s room.

Find the whole Eos series from Vita here.

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If you’re in the market for a ceiling lamp we can recommend Being from Philips Hue – a beautiful and timeless lamp with great functionality. Being has built-in LED which can be controlled by the same app as your colour bulb. If you think that sounds too technical – even though it’s actually really easy to use - a remote control with pre-programmed settings is included.

Being comes with a White Ambiance light source, which means that is provides a white light that you can adjust depending on whether you want cool or warm illumination. In addition to adjusting the light temperature, you can also dim Being to control light intensity. You make all of these adjustments via your Hue app or the remote control that comes with the lamp – Being makes it incredibly easy to get exactly the lighting you want. Ceiling lamps project light both directly downwards and laterally out to the sides. The lateral light bounces off the ceiling and then down and out into the room. This lamp is as smart as it is beautiful.
We should also mention LightStrips, also from Philips Hue. (As you’ve probably noticed, we are really into Philips Hue, but the whole product range is just so clever and so easy to use.)

LightStrips can be shaped and formed exactly as you want them and trimmed to the length you need – then just plug them in and connect them to your Bridge.
You can highlight different areas of the room and create different indirect lighting effects. Hue LightStrips come with adhesive on the back so they’re incredibly easy to install – just stick them where you want them.

Try placing them around your child’s bed or desk or under a dresser. You can program them to turn on slowly in the morning and turn off slowly at night. There are 16 million colours to choose from and you can adjust the light output, make them blink and much, much more.

The possibilities are endless, so set your imagination free and play with light!

Nice to know about lighting in a child’s room

There are several ways to illuminate a child’s room. Most people use a ceiling lamp, which serves as central lighting. You can also add mood lighting and a night light, or a desk lamp for an older child.

If you want to mount a night light on the wall next to your child’s bed choose one with indirect light to avoid glare. For smaller children choose a lamp with the light source protected behind a shade so your child can’t touch the bulb. Choose a dimmable night light so you can adjust the light level – you won’t regret it.
You can also add a floor lamp like one of the Mr Maria animals we mentioned above – a lamp that your child will love, that is dimmable, that uses LED technology, that won’t get hot and that is tested and approved.

We mention testing and approval again, because we know that some people buy copies/counterfeits or other kids’ lamps from gadget sites. Many of these lamps haven’t been made of approved materials and can be toxic. In the worst case these lamps haven’t been safety tested and approved and could be a fire hazard.

Better to pay a little more and get a proper lamp for your child – just our opinion/recommendation that we hope can be helpful to customers who may not be aware of the situation.