Decorative bulbs

Thanks to modern technology, the incandescent bulb remains as popular as ever (despite the 2008 EU ban). LED bulbs are now available in various versions, including ones inspired by the old-fashioned incandescent bulb. Choose between big and small, clear and colourful, modern and vintage bulbs—all with the advantage of being made with LED.

The bulb—otherwise known as a light source or light bulb—does more than just add light to the room. It contributes a decorative, industrial, and cosy expression. Give your décor a touch of personality with a filament bulb, globe bulb, vintage bulb, or big bulbs with filaments.
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The beautiful touch of a decorative bulb

The technology itself is not the only thing that has come a long way. These days, bulbs are available in various shapes, colours, and sizes. The decorative bulb isn’t strictly practical as it also contributes a decorative touch. It has a great impact on t
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