Good advice about lamps in the bathroom

When you’re considering lighting in your bathroom it’s important to remember where lamps can be placed in relation to moisture and the degree of protection, or IP code, they need to have.

If your bathroom ceiling is higher than 2.25 m you can install lamps with a minimum protection level of IP(X)0. Lamps should be at least 120 cm from the showerhead and 60 cm from the bathtub.

If your bathroom ceiling is lower than 2.25 m, or if you want lighting closer to the shower or bathtub, the lamps need a higher degree of protection.

Protection levels in the different areas:

Zone 0 – IP(X)7
Zone 1 – IP(X)4
Zone 2 – IP(X)4
Zone 3 – IP(X)0

When should I call a professional?

There are some important rules about installing certain electrical equipment in a bathroom – if you’re in doubt about what to do please contact an electrician or electrical installer.

1. In zone 0 you may not install switches, outlets or other coupling equipment.

2. In zones 1 and 2 you may install switches in SELV circuits with a nominal voltage not exceeding 12V AC or 30V ripple-free DC. The power source must be located outside zones 0, 1 and 2.

3. In zone 3 you may install switches, outlets or other coupling equipment if:
- they are each on a separate circuit
- or they are protected by SELV
- or they are protected by a fault current breaker with a rated current of not more than 30mA (HFI switch or HFPI switch in residences)