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If you want to create an inspiring, practical and, above all, cozy children's room, the ferm LIVING kids category is a paradise of unique and stylish products. From the most imaginative ferm LIVING lamps for kids to practical storage, rugs and desks for kids, inspiring toys, shelves, coat hooks, wall hangings, wall hangings, memory games and much more. Don't worry, ferm LIVING has everything you need to create an adventurous and educational universe for your children!
Apple Braided Storage Large Natural - ferm LIVING
RRP GBP 95.00
Expected in stock : 4 - 6 days
Pear Braided Storage Large Natural - ferm LIVING
RRP GBP 95.00
Expected in stock: 05-08-2024
Settle Table Cloth House Off-White - ferm LIVING
RRP GBP 99.00
Expected in stock : 4 - 6 days
The World Pouf Off-White - ferm LIVING
RRP GBP 155.00
Expected in stock : 4 - 6 days
Bird Wall Lamp Oiled Oak - ferm LIVING
RRP GBP 95.00
Expected in stock: 26-06-2024
Tent Beetle Embroidery Dark Olive - ferm LIVING
RRP GBP 125.00
Expected in stock : 4 - 6 days
Kids Memory Box-The Beginning of my life - ferm LIVING
RRP GBP 95.00
Expected in stock : 4 - 6 days
Cloud Wall Lamp Oiled Oak - ferm LIVING
RRP GBP 95.00
Expected in stock : 4 - 6 days
Walrus Cushion Sand - ferm LIVING
RRP GBP 49.00
Expected in stock : 4 - 6 days
The World Textile Map Off-White - ferm LIVING
RRP GBP 75.00
Expected in stock : 4 - 6 days
Round Dorm - ferm LIVING
RRP GBP 175.00
Expected in stock : 4 - 6 days
Little Architect Table Dark Blue - ferm LIVING
RRP GBP 249.00
Expected in stock : 4 - 6 days
Safari Tufted Rug Leopard - ferm LIVING
RRP GBP 185.00
Expected in stock : 4 - 6 days
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ferm LIVING hooks and shelves - organizing with style

Kids love to express their personality through their surroundings, and with hooks and shelves from ferm LIVING they can do so in a fun and functional way. Imagine a row of colorful hooks on the wall that not only put a smile on their face, but also enable your child to hang their favorite costume, clothes or bags to keep the floor clean and tidy. These hooks are not only practical for keeping the room organized, but they also add a touch of charm to the room.

A shelf from ferm LIVING is also a great addition to any kids' room. Not only does it provide extra storage space for books, toys or decorative items, but it also creates a beautiful setting for the things your child loves. Imagine a small shelf above the desk where your child can display their favorite books or little treasures - it's both practical and decorative!

ferm LIVING rugs - softness and creativity

A ferm LIVING rug is more than just a way to keep your feet warm, they are also decorative décor elements for the children's room. ferm LIVING offers a range of unique rugs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also educational, inspiring hours of play and imaginative adventures. Imagine a beautiful tapestry with fun patterns and colors that can transform the room into a magical landscape for your child to explore and dream away. A children's rug from ferm LIVING is not just a practical solution either, it's an invitation to creative play and cozy moments on the floor.

Unique wall and floor rugs include the Forest Tapestry, Animal Tufted Rug Polar Bear and Bird Tapestry. While the Forest Tapestry takes your children on an adventurous walk through the forest, the Animal Tufted Rug Polar Bear invites them to play while learning about wildlife and the environment. The Bird Tapestry adorned with colorful birds adds not only beautiful colors, but also the opportunity for conversations about different birds and their characteristics. ferm LIVING's rugs are portals to a world of play, learning and imagination that will enrich your child's everyday life in a meaningful way.

ferm LIVING storage - order with ease

With ferm LIVING's innovative storage solutions, you can easily keep track of your child's toys, books and other belongings. From beautiful baskets to stylish storage boxes, there are plenty of options to create order in an elegant way. Imagine a corner of the room dedicated to toys, where everything has its place in beautiful storage boxes with fun patterns. Not only does this help keep the room tidy, but it also allows your child to learn about responsibility and organization in a fun way.

With the ferm LIVING kids category, you can create a kids' room that is not only functional, but also full of personality and creativity. From night lights to desks, from toys to rugs for the children's room, each product is thoughtfully designed to make your child's space a cozy and inspiring place to be.

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