UMAGE – Plain Beautiful

It all started with a lamp and a reunion. He walked into a vintage shop to see his father’s lamp—a lamp he hadn’t seen for 30 years. A design with roots in the 1970s when lamp design was all over the place. An exciting time when it came to Danish design.

Søren Ravn Christensen’s father’s lamps were designed to be flat-packed—a concept that would prove to be carried forward by his son; the owner of UMAGE. UMAGE designed 10 new lamps based on this principle, but they needed something to take them from the design to the manufacturing stage. This is where Jacob Nannestad came into the picture. The first 10 lamps have gone out of production, but they were quickly followed by three lamps that continue to be some of the brand’s most popular products.

The purpose of UMAGE was to create a more accessible brand that would focus on lovely packaging and products with high degrees of flexibility. In other words, UMAGE’s products allow you to be a designer in your own home.

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2018: 10 Years of UMAGE

Their 10-year anniversary celebrates more than just the brand; it also pays tribute to the concept.

At UMAGE, it’s all about going the extra mile. The entire design process takes place in-house to ensure that a little extra effort is put into all aspects of the design phase. This goes for everything from the first strokes of the design to the choice of colour and packaging.

UMAGE – All About the Environment

UMAGE design their products with the environment in mind, and they take great care of their resources, doing all they can to not deplete them. If it can live for years on end, it shouldn’t just be thrown out—just look to Søren Ravn Christensen’s father’s lamp as an example.

In 2018, UMAGE launched a new collection: Furniture Feelings. A collection of lovely furniture with an urban, Scandinavian look. Just like the natural expression you find in their lamps, this furniture collection clings proudly to its values. It’s all about uniting the sturdy, natural materials with their definition of urban design. UMAGE is simple and lovely Danish design at affordable prices. Going forward, their mission is to combine life in the big city with timeless design and attempt to make people’s lives simpler and more beautiful.

Good design should be lovely and last many years into the future. It should conjure up a certain feeling and atmosphere that fits in anywhere—and still makes sense.

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ASTERIA MOVE - Søren Ravn Christensen, 2021

Asteria Move Table Lamp is a beautiful, slim, minimalist lamp in a portable version. The built-in battery can easily be charged using the included USB cable, and once charged, you can bring the lamp wherever you want. Use it for a cosy glow in the living room, a temporary reading light, or a night light. Choose between three brightness levels, adjusting the light using the button on the base of the lamp. The lamp shines for up to 35 hours on a full charge depending on your selected brightness.

Asteria Move supports wireless charging. If you have a Qi charging unit (wireless charger) at home, you can charge the lamp by placing it on the unit.

HAZEL Pendant - Jacob Rudbeck, 2021

Hazel Pendant was inspired by the shape of a hazelnut. The lamp is made with black-coated steel and a base with a brass finish. The combination gives the lamp a modern Scandinavian expression that fits beautifully into most homes. The built-in LED light source is hidden behind a white diffuser, ensuring a comfortable and even glow. Perfect for lighting up the dining table, where the warm downlight illuminates the heart of the home. Available in two sizes, so you can find the perfect lamp to light up your dining table, kitchen table, or the corners of your home.