Lamps for the bathroom – read this guide and make the right choice

Today people spend more and more time in the bathroom, so it’s important to have exactly the right lighting for your needs.
It’s fun to think creatively when it comes to bathroom lighting, but you also need to light the room in a practical way. It’s important to be aware of IP codes, which represent a light fixture’s security against intrusion by things like fingers/hands, dust and water – especially important in the bathroom. You can read more about IP codes and safety here.

Accurate colour reproduction is another factor to keep in mind, particularly in a spot where you’ll be spending time in front of a mirror. It’s also an advantage to have more than one source of light in the bathroom to avoid shadows and get the best possible lighting coverage.

There are lots of bathroom lighting options available, but which one to choose? We’ve put together some information and inspiration to help you find the perfect lamp for your bathroom.

LED bathroom lighting – pros and cons

One clear advantage to using LEDs in the bathroom is the fact that they provide a natural light. It’s important to work out what colour temperature you need from your LED, since they can produce light that’s cool, warm or somewhere in between.

Today LEDs are the preferred light source for bathrooms since they produce quality lighting over a range of intensities. A warm and comfortable colour temperature will make your skin look natural in the mirror – an advantage when you’re putting on make-up or shaving. One small disadvantage with LEDs is their price, but that initial investment will pay off over time since they have a lifespan of 10-25 years.

We have a wide selection of bathroom lamps with LEDs, and we’ve put together some suggestions and inspiration to help you imagine how they could work in your bathroom.
Here you can see a classic bathroom lighting scheme. A Mood 2 wall lamp from LIGHT-POINT is mounted over the bathtub, projecting light both upwards and downwards. It’s an elegant and uncomplicated LED bathroom lamp that gives a comfortable and diffuse light. Mood 2 can be used in various places in the bathroom and is rated IP20.

Over the mirror there are two built-in spotlights, and here at Lampmasters we carry numerous spotlight options. Among them is LIGHT-POINT’s Logic series, available in different variants. Logic is a simple and discreet ceiling spot. It’s also a flexible solution, as it can tilt through 28 degrees and rotate.

We also carry Easy Kap, another discreet built-in spot. It’s provides high-quality illumination and is excellent for use in the bathroom. The Easy Kap ceiling spot is from the well-known Italian producer Flos.

When it comes to bathroom lighting, an LED spot is a sure choice.
A clever, modern and easy way to light your bathroom is to use Philips Hue LightStrips. LightStrips come with adhesive on the back, so you can just stick them in place wherever you want them. Philips Hue is a whole new way of thinking about lighting. LightStrips produce 16 million colours, so there are lots of possibilities to create warm and cool lighting schemes.

Philips Hue LightStrips use secure LED technology and are rated IP20.

Here you can see an example of how you can use smart LightStrips from Philips Hue. They contribute to the elegantly simple look of this bathroom. You can use them in a ceiling recess, around a mirror or anywhere else you think they’ll look good.

The famous Cube from Fabbian – a classic for the bathroom

The very popular Cube lamp from Fabbian is available as a ceiling lamp or wall lamp. It’s a lamp that works extremely well in the bathroom and is seen more and more in bathrooms all across Europe.
The Cube ceiling lamp provides this bathroom with quality illumination from above and is simple and stylish. Cube gives excellent light regardless of where you position it and has become a contemporary design classic.

The whole lamp series is produced in high-quality materials, and its geometric yet timeless design will be a welcome addition to any home. Cube is available in five colour variants.

Lamps for the mirror – classic, modern or untraditional?

Lamps in, on and around the bathroom mirror are one of the most important sources of light in the entire room. When it’s time to install whichever lamp you choose, remember to mount it at eye level to avoid shadows.

Today more and more people are choosing modern and untraditional lamps for their bathrooms, but there are still plenty of beautiful classic options – built-in spots, wall lamps, illuminated shelves and mirrors with built-in lighting. At Lampmasters we carry a wide selection of lamps to use with your bathroom mirror – here are just a few of the possibilities.
The Romeo Babe W wall lamp, from the Italian producer Flos, is a true classic for the bathroom. It may be a small lamp but it’s incredibly effective. It’s interesting and decorative and will look great in your bathroom.

Romeo Babe W has an elegant transparent glass shade that provides a fantastic glare-free light, and the play of light on the shade itself is graceful and refined.

All-in-all, this is an uncommonly beautiful, practical and high-quality wall lamp.
Lampe Gras is a hugely popular brand, and we’re beginning to see it used in new and creative spots in the home.

The Lampe Gras series is available in a range of different colours and as a floor lamp, wall lamp, table lamp and pendant – there are plenty of possibilities for using one in your home.  The 304L40 wall lamp from Lampe Gras is a design icon with an uncomplicated, robust and ergonomic design. It’s a beautiful and stylish lamp that will work in both a minimalist home and a more lavish interior design scheme.

The Lampe Gras series is an enormously practical choice for the bathroom since it comes in so many flexible and functional variants. As you can see in the image, this particular model has several joints, so the user can position the lamp precisely where it’s needed.
Another popular bathroom lamp is the E27 from Muuto. It’s a socket lamp – a hanging socket and a bulb – with an elegantly uncomplicated design. The unique E27 pendant – crafted from silicone and available in 13 different colours – is enormously useful and adaptable. You can hang one on its own, with a friend in a matched pair or even in a cluster of several. And its simplicity makes it easy to incorporate into your own interior design, whatever the style.

As with all lamps for the bathroom, remember to follow the guidelines about safety and IP codes.
Another excellent option is Glo-Ball from Flos. It’s a simple and smart wall lamp with an organic form that works particularly well in a bathroom.

Glo-Ball is a great lamp for minimalist and stylish interiors. It can be mounted directly on a mirror – as seen in the image – and another model in the series is designed for mounting on a wall or ceiling.
A true classic for the bathroom is the AJ Wall lamp from Louis Poulsen. This designer lamp, with its distinctive form and history, only gets more and more popular. The head of this modern classic can be tilted up and down and rotated through 60 degrees of motion. It’s a unique lighting fixture with an immediately recognisable minimalist design.

The AJ series was designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1960. It’s available in 10 gorgeous colours, but our #1 top seller is black.
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It bears saying again that you should always be aware of IP codes when thinking about lighting for the bathroom or any other room where moisture is a factor - please read our safety guide before making your purchase. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Customer Service team.

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