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2020 was the year everyone discovered working from home. Lockdown meant that many of us dusted off the old ‘computer room’ and realised how important a good work environment is to productivity and comfort—and you can’t talk about work environments without mentioning light and lamps!

Desk lamps are more than just desk lamps. Many factors come into play when it comes to picking a new table lamp for the most productive table in the home—and there are many things to consider. The right desk lamp reduces eyestrain from looking at your computer, but the perfect desk lamp also becomes an important part of your décor. After all, it’s always standing next to the king of the office: the computer!

Find our many desk lamps below. At the bottom of the product category, you’ll find a guide to what to look for when choosing your next lamp for the home office – and you can find inspiration for picking a desk lamp right here!
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Choose the right desk lamp

When it comes to picking a lamp for your desk, you should consider what you want in terms of features—brightness, temperature, model, design, and other functionalities. Read more about how to pick the perfect lamp that fulfils all your requirements.

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