Black Lamps

Black can signal all sorts of things depending on where you use the colour. It signals piety and sophistication—but it also has a mysterious, secretive, and authoritative feel. Above all, black lamps contribute elegance and unbeatable stylishness.

A black wall lamp or spot is the perfect amount of stylish and anonymous to suit all styles of décor without fading into the background. It’s unimposing but claims its space all the same. A black floor lamp, on the other hand, is more sculptural, slim, and elegant and, depending on its shape, it can contribute an air of mystery and secrets that piques your curiosity. Find our complete value for money range here – and check out our entire range of black lamps by clicking here!
Lowie LED Spot Black - Lindby
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Jusra 1 Pendant Black - Lindby
RRP GBP 225.00
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Black wall lamps

Our collection of black lamps is home to various wall and spot lamps, which are popular not least because of the minimalist and stylish expression they exude. Lamps like Angelina and Rocco from Lucande, not to mention Desiro from Lindby, combine simple an
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