Outdoor lamps - all about lighting outdoor spaces

Outdoor lamps are practical and helpful, illuminating our outdoor spaces when darkness falls and we need some extra lighting. Outdoor lamps come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and materials so finding the right lamp for your situation can be confusing.  To help out, we’ve put together this guide to the types of outdoor lamps that are popular with our customers along with some information that we think will help you in your search.

Outdoor lighting is both decorative and useful, especially when the shadows start to lengthen and the nights draw in during autumn and winter. All of the outdoor lamps in our selection have long lifespans and are of the highest quality, important features when it comes to light fixtures that are outdoors year-round. We have solutions for illuminating building facades, front doors, flower beds and garden features, driveways, patios and terraces and much more.

How to choose the right outdoor lighting? First, work out whether you need facade lighting, ground lighting or both. We have a top-quality outdoor lamp to fit your requirements.

Outdoor lamps – favourites for the wall or bed

Here at Lampmasters we’ve got lots of favourite outdoor lamps, and so do our wonderful customers. We’ve selected a few of the most popular lamps to use on a facade, in a bed and along a driveway. Outdoor lighting can brighten a dark corner, create a pleasing atmosphere in outside spaces and welcome guests with cheerful and comfortable illumination.
The Cube LED outdoor wall lamp from LIGHT-POINT is one of our most popular outdoor lamps. It would look great mounted on a facade or even on a fence. Cube is an exciting lamp program that comes either with or without a built-in LED light source, but we think choosing the LED version is more practical and will save you energy.

Cube is available in black, white and silver finishes and you can choose between versions that project light either just downwards or both upwards and downwards at the same time. It’s a refined and stylish lamp that’s sure meet your outdoor lighting needs.
The AJ 50 outdoor wall lamp, designed by Arne Jacobsen and produced by Louis Poulsen is a true classic of lighting design. This extremely popular lamp has a built-in LED light source, making it a practical choice for lighting outdoor spaces.

The fixture head on this AJ outdoor lamp can be adjusted 60° from side to side, so it’s a flexible solution too. This popular and well-loved wall lamp is available in black, white and grey.
The Cube XL Stand outdoor lamp from Danish producer LIGHT-POINT is another popular outdoor lamp with our customers. This bollard is an excellent option for both beds and along driveways or paths, or anywhere else that strikes your fancy.

Cube XL Stand is available in black, silver and white. It’s equipped with either an E27 socket, so you can choose which type of bulb to use, or an energy-saving built-in LED light source.
Spot lamps are very popular in and around flower beds and statement planting. The Sub lamp series from LIGHT-POINT consists of in-ground spots made of stainless steel. Sub is a practical lamp that provides comfortable high-quality illumination for your garden or other outdoor spaces.

This spot is available in both round and square forms and has a stylish yet uncomplicated design that doesn’t draw too much attention to itself.  Sub is equipped with a built-in LED light source, making it an exceptionally practical energy-saver that will look great in your garden.

Outdoor lighting and the advantages of LED

In our opinion, LED light sources are the clear favourite when it comes to outdoor lighting, and we carry a large selection of outdoor lamps with built-in LED light sources. LEDs save energy and have very long lifespans – anywhere from 10 to 25 years.

By using LED light sources, you can keep your energy consumption – and energy costs – down, and still welcome your guests with warm and comfortable lighting that doesn’t create glare.

It’s always a good idea to keep colour temperature in mind when choosing outdoor lighting, and this is just one of the many areas where LEDs excel since they’re available with a range of colour temperatures. Look for a Kelvin rating, the standard for measuring colour temperatures – 2600° Kelvin provides very comfortable light. You can read all about light colour here.

The upside to LEDs

•Energy-saving – you’ll see the difference on your energy bill.
•Long lifespan.
•Turn on immediately when you flip the switch.
•Inexpensive when you take their lifespan into account.
•Not bothered by cold or vibrations.
•Excellent in situations where lights are on for long periods.
This lovely and distinctive outdoor wall lamp is an excellent choice for outdoor spaces. The 304 XL Outdoor wall lamp from Lampe Gras is a classically elegant lamp that does a great job of illuminating its surroundings. It’s equipped with an E27 socket and we recommend using a practical and energy-saving LED bulb.

304 XL is fabricated from steel – an excellent choice for outdoor use. Lampe Gras produces several different outdoor lamps – you can see them here.
This attractive torch bollard has an elegant look that will work well in the garden, along the driveway or in front of the house. Fakkel from the Danish brand Seslef is equipped with an energy-saving LED module, and can even be used as real torch with the addition of an insert that can be filled with lamp oil.

Fakkel comes in three different finishes – black, galvanized and rust. It illuminates its surroundings with a comfortable, warm white light.
The Nautiluz Square LED outdoor wall lamp from Lumiere is a lovely and very modern bed lamp that will add a touch of style to any garden. It comes in an anthracite grey finish and is eye-catching in its simplicity. It’s equipped with a durable built-in LED module.

Just place this sleek lamp in your lawn, yard or garden and let it shine its light!

Nice to know about outdoor lamps

We’ve covered a few of the different types of outdoor lamps, but there are plenty more. They provide both decoration and security for your outdoor spaces, especially near the front door, on the facade, along the driveway and around the terrace. Glowing outdoor lamps are a wonderful way to welcome people to your home.

It’s important to consider materials and finishes when choosing new outdoor lighting. If you live near the ocean, for example, you’ll need lamps that can tolerate the salt in the air.

‘Galvanised’ is a word that you’ll see frequently when you’re looking at outdoor lamps. In the galvanising process iron or steel is coated with a layer of zinc, which prevents corrosion and keeps the metal looking attractive as time passes.

Keep the three Ws in mind: wind, water and weather. You want to make sure that you can enjoy your outdoor lamps for years to come. Don’t forget about intrusion resistance either - represented by the IP code – since outdoor lamps need to withstand rain, snow and everything else the weather will throw at them. You can read more about IP codes here.
The Eggy Pop series from CPH Lighting is a range of unique lamps that are absolutely ideal for outdoor use. Eggy is a decorative lamp that looks just as great on your lawn as it does on a patio table. It has an organic form and projects a warm, diffuse and glare-free light.

This very functional lamp can be moved anywhere you need some extra lighting, and is available in three diameters – 32, 55 and 70 cm.
This wall lamp is a real classic and can be seen on facades the length and breadth of Scandinavia. It’s uncomplicated, functional and attractive. The Rørhat wall lamp from LIGHT-POINT is available in 8 different colours, so there’s sure to be one that’s just right for your home.

Rørhat is designed to be mounted directly on a wall, where you and your guests can enjoy its timeless elegance.

Beyond the variety of outdoor lamps for facades, flowerbeds, front doors etc., there’s another group of lamps that are great for outdoor use – To Go lamps. These lamps are super-practical if, for example, you want to enjoy a summer evening on the terrace. To Go lamps are rechargeable, so there are no cords to worry about when you’re spending time outside.
FollowMe from Marset comes in two sizes and is a practical and flexible table lamp that you can take anywhere. Use it on the patio, on a trip to the beach, on a blanket on the lawn or on a picnic in the forest. Its rechargeable battery can last for up to 20 hours at mood lighting levels or for ca. 5 hours when running at full strength. It has a built-in LED light source.
Carrie by Menu is a charming little lamp that’s a perfect companion when you’re on the go. Its simple and streamlined design means that it will fit in just about everywhere. It’s flexible and practical and can provide lovely mood lighting for 5 hours on a single charge.
This lamp differs from the other To Go lamps because of its built-in speaker – it can play music while lighting up its surroundings, creating twice the amount of ’hygge’. The Colors LED Sound Jar lamp from Colors by Copenhagen comes in three different colours, and its rechargeable battery will keep it going for up to 10 hours.

We hope you’ve found this little guide to outdoor lighting useful. If you have any questions or need more guidance, you’re more than welcome to contact our Customer Service team.

All images are from Pinterest.