Jaime Hayon

Born: 1974 in Madrid
Popular works: The Ikebana vases for Fritz Hansen and Formakami lamps for &tradition. The Jaime Hayon chairs: Lounge Chair JH97 for Fritz Hansen and Elefy Chair for &tradition
Education: Industrial design at the European Institute of Design

The Spanish designer and artist Jaime Hayon was born in Madrid in 1971. His training in industrial design has greatly impacted his designs, from the simple Jaime Hayon furniture to his more elegant lamps.

He’s famous for always finding new perspectives and pushing the envelope of art and design. Aside from having a flair for combining objects with functionality, Jaime Hayon manages to design products with personality and history. On the topic of his work, he says it’s important to remember that his designs are by people for people. In his opinion, designs should have a provocative effect and make the user feel at ease.

Jaime Hayon Studio

In 1997, after completing a degree in industrial design, he went to Fabrica: the Benetton-backed design and communications academy. He quickly rose through the ranks from student to head of the design department. Eight years later, Jaime decided to try his hand at opening a studio, which he named Hayon Studio. It didn’t take him long to find success—initially in designer toys, ceramics, and furniture, and later progressing to décor and installations.

Hayon Studio is based in Valencia, Spain. His work has been featured in the most prestigious art and design publications in the world, and he has won various awards, including the Elle Decoration International Design Award. Time Magazine named him as one of the 100 most relevant creators of our time while Wallpaper Magazine have labelled him one of the most influential creators of the past decade.

Jamie Hayon and Fritz Hansen

Jaime Hayon’s designs fit seamlessly into Fritz Hansen’s DNA that focuses on not just quality and function but also on aesthetics. Paired with high functionality, Hayon breathes personality into every design, giving it a soul to which the user can relate in some way or other. This is clearly reflected in the Jaime Hayon vases that allow you to arrange cut-off flowers into a stunning bouquet. The flower itself is highly decorative and looks lovely whether it’s filled with flowers or completely on its own. Hayon’s Happy Hook is also worth checking out. The functional hook has a chipper design, which is clearly inspired by the smiley we all know and love.

Find Jaime Hayon Home Accessories from Fritz Hansen here

Jaime Hayon and &tradition

The &tradition range includes some of the popular Formakami lamps by Jaime Hayon. The lamps are inspired by the traditional rice paper lamps most often associated with the Japanese style. The designer himself says that Formakami represents the point where the “past becomes the present”. The lamp combines the lovely comfortable light that shines through the thin material with a modern Scandinavian expression.

Find Jaime Hayon Home Accessories from &tradition here
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