LED Spots

Spotlights are a beautiful and practical lighting solution for many different areas in the home. They can be mounted on a wide range of surfaces – walls, ceilings, even floors. There are two main types of spotlights – surface-mounted and recessed. As their names suggest, surface-mounted spots are installed on a surface where recessed spots are installed into a surface. Surface-mounted spots provide illumination and at the same time function as visual objects. Recessed spots are more discreet, lighting a space or object without drawing attention to themselves. LED light sources use very little energy and consequently produce very little heat.  This makes them an ideal choice for recessed spots in particular, since they’re generally installed in enclosed spaces and are often left on for long periods.

Lowie LED Spot Black - Lindby
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Lowie 3 LED Spot White - Lindby
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Katerin Spot White - Arcchio
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Spots for mounting

LED recessed spots provide a warm, bright, and energy-efficient light that doesn’t compromise on output. This makes them an attractive solution for homes and businesses alike, as they’re easy to mount, provide a good light, and are eco-friendly. New and m
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