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Piet Hein lamps are not just lighting devices; they are architectural works of art that combine aesthetics and functionality in a unique way. The name Piet Hein resonates with a legacy of innovation and elegance, and this is clearly reflected in every lamp that bears his name. Whether it's a Piet Hein table lamp or pendant, each product exudes timeless beauty and exceptional attention to detail. With their unique designs and exceptional craftsmanship, Piet Hein lamps are an enriching addition to any interior design, elevating both the atmosphere of the room and its aesthetic appeal - all in all, Danish design at its best!
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Piet Hein lamps - an iconic fusion of form and function

Piet Hein lamps come in different shapes and sizes, but they all share the same basic characteristic; they are designed to create a comfortable and inviting lighting environment. Among the most popular designs are Piet Hein table lamps and pendants, which add a sophisticated touch to any interior with their elegant silhouette and soft light output.

Piet Hein - A polyhistor and master of design

Piet Hein, a Danish polyhistor, was known for his brilliant mind and deep insight into design. He was a master at combining mathematics and aesthetics, and this refined sensibility is reflected in every lamp that bears his name.

The renowned Danish designer was not only a creator of lighting art, but a remarkable figure in a number of creative disciplines. Born in Denmark in 1905, Piet Hein was a visionary thinker who navigated with ease between mathematics, philosophy, poetry and design. His genius was not limited to a single sphere; he was a polyhistor whose contributions ranged from the invention of the legendary game form 'Sifka' to the development of the famous Grook poetic form.

Piet Hein's design philosophy was deeply rooted in a search for harmony and balance, inspired by his interest in mathematics and geometry. He was the mastermind behind the construction of the 'Superellipse' - a shape that is an intermediary between a circle and a rectangle and later became a key element in many of his designs, including his lamps. Piet Hein first used the superellipse for Sergels Torv in Stockholm in 1959. In the following years, he played with other uses for this harmonious figure. These included Super Eggs, sports arenas, trays, textiles and many other exciting things. The basic shape is so resistant to the ravages of time that we are left with a design that is above the whims of fashion and indifferent to trends and last year's models.

His approach to design was not only aesthetic but also functional. He believed in combining beauty with utility, which is reflected in his lamps, which are not only visually appealing but also practical and efficient light sources. Piet Hein's ability to integrate mathematical principles and aesthetic values resulted in timeless designs that continue to impress and inspire today.

Through Piet Hein lamps, his spirit lives on as a monument to his talent and innovation. His designs, including iconic works such as the Sinus pendant, Super pendant, Super egg pendant and RA table lamp, continue to be celebrated for their beauty, functionality and aesthetic appeal. Piet Hein's legacy as one of the most significant designers of the 20th century remains indelible, and his contributions to both art and science will be remembered for decades to come.

RA table lamp - a manifestation of sophistication

Among Piet Hein's collection of lamps is the elegant RA table lamp. With its minimalist design and subtle details, this table lamp exudes a sublime elegance that is hard to miss. The RA table lamp is not just a functional object; it is a work of art that refines any room with its soft and pleasant light and unique aesthetic.

Piet Hein pendants - a lighting revolution

Among Piet Hein lights, we also find a selection of impressive pendants that include iconic designs such as the Sinus pendant, Super pendant and Super egg pendant. These pendants are not just sources of lighting; they are unique interior design elements in their own right, adding character and style to any room. The Sinus pendant is a masterpiece of balanced design where form and function come together harmoniously. The curved shape and soft light creates a pleasant atmosphere, ideal for both private homes and public spaces. The Super pendant is characterized by its sleek and elegant design that extends from the ceiling with an almost floating lightness. Its minimalist aesthetic and bright light make it a popular choice in modern interior design. The Super Egg pendant is an iconic Piet Hein lamp that combines organic form with exceptional light quality. The egg-shaped sculptural pendant creates soft and comfortable lighting that adds warmth and elegance to any room.

With their sleek shapes, innovative design and exceptional light quality, Piet Hein pendants have set a new standard in lighting and continue to inspire and excite designers and lighting enthusiasts around the world.

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