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When it comes to decorating a child's room, it's crucial to choose furniture and accessories that are not only beautiful, but also practical and playful. At OYOY Living Design Mini, you'll find an impressive range of unique home accessories that bring joy, creativity and functionality to any kids' room. Whether it's a stool, a stuffed animal, a play rug, a coat rack or a rug, OYOY Living Design has everything your child's room needs to be both practical and fun. Give your child the best start with quality products that stimulate their imagination and support their development.
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Stylish stools for kids - encouraging independence and exploration

A stool for kids from OYOY is not just an ordinary stool. It's an invitation to independence and exploration for little ones. With the right stool, your child can easily reach shelves, the bathroom sink or favorite books on the top shelf. It not only adds a practical dimension to the room, but also a sense of autonomy and mastery for your child. OYOY's range includes different types of stools, each offering unique features and design elements that fit perfectly in any kids' room.

A stool like the Rabbit Step Stool is a charming addition to any children's room with its sturdy construction, making it perfect for little ones who need a little extra help reaching the sink or bathtub. With its ergonomic handle, it's also easy to move around, making it ideal for supporting your child's independence. On the other hand, the Iro Stacking Stool is a versatile solution that also offers both functionality and aesthetics in the child's room. This stacking chair is perfect for toddlers as it can function as a chair, a bedside table or as an interactive part of play. Finally, they have the Arca Stool, which is an elegant and modern stool that adds a charming touch to any children's room. With its simple design and durable construction, this wooden stool is ideal for older children who need a stable and stylish solution for reaching up shelves or dressers.

Whether it's the Rabbit Step Stool, Iro Stacking Stool or Arca Stool, OYOY's stools are designed to encourage independence and exploration in children. With their unique features and stylish design, these stools are an indispensable part of any kids' room that seeks both functionality and aesthetics.

Kid's coat rack - organizing with style

A kid's coat rack from OYOY is more than just a place to hang jackets and bags. It's a way to bring order and style into the children's or hallway. With different shapes and figures like animals or clouds, the coat rack becomes not only a practical solution, but also a decorative element that adds personality to the room. Your child will love hanging their favorite jacket or backpack on these playful hooks.  

Children's play rug and carpet - get a wonderland underfoot

A children's rug from OYOY is more than just a way to cover the floor. It's a source of comfort, creativity and play. With soft materials and vibrant patterns, the rug not only creates a comfortable surface to play on, but also a space where your child can let their imagination and creativity run wild. From building carpet forts to playing with toy cars, these carpet will be an indispensable part of your child's play.

Imagine a child's room transformed into a magical wonderland with a play rug from OYOY. A play rug is not only a soft and cozy surface to play on; it is also a universe of imagination and play. Your child will spend hours exploring and inventing stories on the exquisite play rugs, and with different patterns, colors and themes, the play rug can transform into anything in seconds. OYOY's range of play rugs includes a variety of unique designs that invite play, learning and exploration for children of all ages

One of these play mats is the Nautilus Hopscotch, which is circular shaped with numbers on it, allowing children to hop their way through a fun and challenging hopscotch course. As well as being entertaining, this play mat also helps develop children's motor skills and number sense in a playful way. The Toucan playmat is another colorful and lively rug with a beautiful toucan bird on it, making it both a visual delight but also an opportunity for children to explore and imagine the wildlife of the jungle. In addition, the Adventure Playmat is a playmat with different landscapes and roads on it, opening up endless possibilities for play and imagination. This mat is perfect for children who love to play with cars, trains or other vehicles. By following the roads on the rug, children can explore different environments and create their own stories and adventures.

Whether it's the Nautilus Hopscotch, Toucan or Adventure Playmat, OYOY's play rugs offer a world of play and learning under children's feet. With their imaginative designs and functional features, these play rugs are a great addition to any kids' that seeks to stimulate children's imagination and creativity.

Kids' swimming pool - play and cool off in your own garden

When it comes to summer fun and cooling off for the little ones, a swimming pool from OYOY is the perfect solution. Here OYOY offers a selection of charming swimming pools, including the playful Giraffe Swimming Pool, the colorful Moni Swimming Pool and the cute Elephant Swimming Pool, all available in two sizes, so there's something for every age and garden. Each pool also comes with a matching beach ball to complete the summer experience for the kids. Whether it's a day in the backyard, at the beach or by the pool, these swimming pools from OYOY will ensure hours of fun, play and cooling off under the sun for the little ones in the family.

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