Lamps for the utility room and entryway – information and inspiration


When you’re choosing lighting for your entryway remember that it needs to be inviting for both you and your guests. It should be warm and cosy, but bright enough that you can find your keys and aren’t tripping over your shoes. The entryway is the first room you encounter when you enter a home, so it needs to be welcoming. The lighting should be functional but at the same time it should create atmosphere and harmony in the room. We carry lots of entryway lighting options – wall lamps, pendants, table lamps and floor lamps.

From storage to laundry and more, the utility room serves many different purposes. The most practical utility room lighting comes from above, so spots, pendants and ceiling lamps are all good choices. It’s also a good idea to create a combination of functional light and general illumination to make the room as work friendly as possible.

We have a huge selection of lamps for the entryway, hallway and utility room. The only thing limiting the choice of illumination is your own imagination. Below you’ll find some information and inspiration to help you choose the right lighting for your room.

Ceiling lamps or pendants for the entry – which to choose? (Or what about both…)

Entryway size varies from home to home, and that means that there are lots of possible lighting solutions. You will often see ceiling lamps or pendants installed in entries, and they’re both good ways to create a welcoming environment. They’re also a super way of optimising space in a room that generally not very big to begin with.

Here are a couple of examples of pendants and ceiling lamps that work particularly well in an entryway.
The IC S2 pendant from Flos is a very attractive lamp with a simple and stylish design, and it’s an excellent choice for an entry or hall. Its elegance is accentuated by the lovely round mouth-blown glass shade.

Because of the translucent shade, pendants like this one provide quite a bit more light than other lamps with more directional illumination. The IC S2 is available in brass and chrome and comes in two sizes.
The Plaff-On Wall/Ceiling Lamp from the Spanish producer Marset is a refined and unpretentious lamp with several lighting effects. The diffuser is made of white glass and the interior of the aluminium shade acts as a reflector. Some light filters upwards, creating a soft halo around the lamp, while the bulk shines directly downwards. Plaff-On is a great all-purpose choice for entries and hallways.

This ceiling lamp is available in black and silver finishes and with a diameter of either 20 or 33 cm.

(Why not take a bit more inspiration from this image and add a lovely table lamp like the Bestlite BL1 from GUBI?)
In-built spots, like the Logic Round Ceiling Lamp from LIGHT-POINT, are another ceiling option. Logic is a small, elegant spotlight with an uncomplicated and discreet design.

It has a built-in LED light source, providing comfortable, high-quality illumination. It can be rotated through 360° and tipped up to 28°, letting you decide where to direct the light.
The Beat Light series from Tom Dixon is an extremely popular lamp program, already decorating lots of rooms across Northern Europe. The whole range is fabricated from solid brass and each of the four different shapes comes in four finishes – brass, black, grey and white.

This very cool lamp range will definitely brighten up your entryway. You can hang a single one alone or create a grouping like the one shown in the image. With all of the different shapes and finishes you’ve got lots of possible combinations to work with!

The table lamp for a cosy entrance hall glow

When the important base light in the entrance hall is sorted, an extra lamp can be helpful in creating the inviting atmosphere. If you have a dresser, small table, or windowsill in your entrance hall, a simple and stylish table lamp can be an excellent solution. Aside from adding to the comfortable light in the room, these are often decorative, adding a dash of personality to an otherwise impersonal space.

A table lamp doesn’t take up much space in the hall, making it the perfect fit for smaller spaces and corridors. It doesn’t need to be mounted on the wall or ceiling either, so it can easily be swapped for a different lamp or moved to another location.
The lovely Kizu table lamp from New Works is a great bet when choosing a table lamp for your entrance hall. The reverse acrylic lampshade is illuminated by the internal light source, lighting up the room in a comfortable and atmospheric light. The combination of two simple geometric shapes gives the lamp an exciting expression. The unconventional lampshade appears to be balancing on the robust marble base.

As natural materials have made their way into décor all over the world, marble has experienced a resurgence in popularity. A beautiful and elegant lamp available in two sizes with a black, grey, or white marble base.

Illuminating halls and entries – the advantages of LED

Because of its energy-saving qualities, LED lighting is a very practical solution of entryways and hallways. LEDs make a lot of sense in areas like halls and entrances where lamps are often left on for long periods of time. You’ll definitely see the difference in your energy bills – by using LEDs you can save up to 80%!

Their long lifespans make them even more practical – you save both time and money by not having to replace bulbs so often. Our selection includes lots of lamps with built-in LED light sources as well as lamps where you can choose an LED bulb instead of an incandescent or halogen bulb. LEDs provide excellent colour reproduction and create instant illumination in your entry or hall.
The Aim pendant from the well-known Italian producer Flos is a beautiful lamp with a built-in LED light source. This practical and clever pendant can be adjusted to hang at any height you like. Its modern, graphic design is sure to add a bit of style to your hallway or entryway.

Aim is available in black, brown and white.
The Being ceiling lamp by Philips Hue is another great lamp with a built-in LED light source. It’s stylish and uncomplicated design is sure to fit right into your entry or hall. Being is equipped with all of the special features Philips Hue is known for - you can adjust the light colour, light intensity and much more.

This ceiling lamp provides lots of downward-directed light, as well projecting some light out to the sides, which will bounce off the ceiling and reflect downwards and outwards into the room. This ceiling reflection will help and otherwise small or narrow space look bigger. Being is available in black or white and has a diameter of ca. 35 cm.

Bonus info about Philips Hue

Philips Hue is the newest and most cutting-edge development in the world of lighting. There are almost no limits to where these lamps can be used and the sort of atmosphere they can create. You can choose between 16 million different colours and you can synchronise Hue with you TV or music system so the lighting matches the sound. You can program your lamps to turn off when you leave and turn on again when you’re a certain distance from your home. You can dim them, play with different colour tones and create the perfect mood lighting – all by controlling them with a single smart device.

Read more about the Philips Hue universe here.
The Terho pendant from the Danish brandMater is an elegant, simple and very Nordic lamp that will create a comfortable and welcoming mood in your hall or entry. The use of natural wood gives these pendants a gentle sense of warmth, and the mouth-blown opal glass shades provide quality illumination. The design is both modern and timeless.

Terho is available in three sizes – use them on their own or try hanging them in a group.

Nice to know about designer lamps for the utility room and entryway

It’s a very good idea to create high-quality illumination in the entryway and especially in the utility room as it’s a space with lots of different functions - storage, laundry, etc. Both spaces require good general illumination as well as work light in areas of special focus.

Lighting solutions for a utility room include pendants and ceiling lamps, but a current trend that we’re seeing more and more is the use of flexible and functional wall lamps. We’re also seeing wall lamps in entryways, but pendants remain the most popular lighting choice.

You should keep hanging height in mind when you’re outfitting a utility room. Ideally, lamps should hang 75-80 cm over a counter or work surface to avoid creating shadows. We recommend combing work area pendants with spots or a ceiling lamp to maximise illumination. You can read more about installation height here.

Illumination options
  • Diffuse and indirect light – great for general lighting in a room. Ceiling and/or wall lamps are good choices.
  • Direct light – best for work light, as it’s great for lighting specific areas.
  • Up lighting – excellent as extra illumination.
  • Down lighting – most often used as mood lighting or in the bedroom.

Here are a few examples of how you can use different types of lighting in the entryway or utility room.
The Bestlite BL6 wall lamp from GUBI is a true design classic with a beautifully stylish look. This lovely wall lamp has a flexible arm and an adjustable shade so you can control exactly where the light is projected. It’s ideal for a hallway or other room where space is at a premium.

This popular lamp is popping up more and more often and in lots of different situations. It’s available in 9 variants so there’s a Bestlite BL6 wall for every taste.
The Deep LED ceiling lamp from LIGHT-POINT is a simple white spot designed to be built into the ceiling. It’s a great spot that provides excellent working light in a utility room. Its built-in LED light source gives good colour reproduction and saves plenty of energy.

Don’t limit yourself to the utility room, though – spotlights work well in entryways and in lots of other places too.
The Trama wall/ceiling lamp from Luceplan can illuminate an entire room and at the same time serves as an excellent work light. Its direct light makes it an ideal choice for a utility room or entryway.

This lovely ceiling lamp has a stylish and uncomplicated design so you can easily fit it into your own home decorating scheme.

We hope you’ve found our little guide to lighting the entryway, hallway and utility room. If you need any more help or have any questions you’re welcome to contact our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Service team.

All images are from Pinterest.