Lamps for the entry & hall

The lighting in the entrance to your home should create a mood, but you still need to be able to find your coat and shoes. It should be both functional and atmospheric.

Here you’ll find a selection of lamps that will look great in your entry or hallway.

All of our lamps are delivered with bulbs.
Neon Tube LED Pink - HAY
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Sky Shade Small - Watt & Veke
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Entrance hall lights - create a welcoming atmosphere with your lighting

A hallway is the first room guests enter, so it's crucial to create a welcome that is both inviting and functional. Entrance hall lights play a key role in this as they not only add light but also help to create atmosphere and style. Among the most popular choices are pendant lights for hallways, which combine aesthetics with practical lighting.

When choosing hallway lights, it's important to consider the size, layout and personal style of the room. This is especially true in narrow hallways where space can be limited. Lights for narrow hallways need to be both sleek and efficient to optimize the space as much as possible.

Pendant lights for hallway lighting are ideal as they can hang from the ceiling and don't take up valuable floor or wall space. At the same time, they provide enough light to welcome guests and create a pleasant atmosphere. These lights are available in a variety of designs and styles to suit every taste and interior design style.

Wall entrance lights are also a popular choice, especially in smaller rooms where ceiling space is limited. These lights are mounted directly on the wall and can offer a soft and diffused light source that creates a cozy atmosphere in the room. With a wealth of designs and materials to choose from, you can find the perfect light to suit your hallway and personal preferences.

When installing hallway lights, whether pendant lights, wall lights or other types, it's important to consider the ceiling height, room proportions and lighting needs. By planning carefully and choosing the right lights, you can create a space that is not only beautiful, but also functional and inviting for every guest who walks through the door.

Ultimately, choosing hallway lights is about creating a welcome that is both beautiful and functional. With care and consideration, you can find the perfect lights to match your hallway and help create the right mood and atmosphere in the room.
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