Tom Rossau

Born: 1970
Best-known work: TR series of table lamps, floor lamps and pendants, Pencil lamps, various furniture.
Education: Self-taught designer

Tom Rossau started his career in his parents’ basement in small Danish city, Faarevejle. To begin with, he made models out of Lego, but soon he came to like working with leather and started sewing clothes. This led to the opening of a store selling leather clothing in Copenhagen in 1997.

In 2004 Tom Rossau switched to working with wood and started to design lamps. In 2006 the lamps TR4-TR7 were introduced at Copenhagen Furniture Fair, and the TR-7 won an audience award, launching Tom Rossau’s in the world of lamps.

Today Tom Rossau continues to design and produce beautiful wooden lamps.
TR12 Pendant Ø30 Birch Natural - Tom Rossau
RRP GBP 378.00
Expected in stock: 03-07-2024
TR19 Pendant Ø53 Birch Natural - Tom Rossau
RRP GBP 756.00
Expected in stock : 50 - 60 days
TR5 Pendant Ø60 Birch Brown - Tom Rossau
RRP GBP 607.00
Expected in stock : 50 - 60 days
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