There are so many canopies out there, and it’s not without reason that there’s a canopy for everyone, no matter your style of décor. The often overlooked little lampshade that hides your pendant’s cable isn’t actually as overlooked as most people think. If the rest of your décor is on point, a crooked, bad, or non-existent canopy will stand out like a sore thumb. Especially if you’re chosen a pendant that commands attention by descending into the room like a piece of jewellery. If it’s fitted with a bad canopy, you’re guaranteed to notice.

Canopies come in various shapes and for a range of purposes, temperaments, and personalities. There are big, decadent canopies and small models that hang discreetly from the ceiling.
Canopy White - Normann Copenhagen
Expected in stock: 10-07-2024
Pendant Rose White - GN
Expected in stock : 3 - 5 days
Ceiling Cup Ø9 Black Wire - Nuura
Expected in stock : 4 - 6 days
Canopy for Campari - Ingo Maurer
Expected in stock : 14 - 16 days
Ceiling Cup Ø9 Brass Wire - Nuura
Expected in stock : 4 - 6 days
Ceiling Cup Ø9 White Wire - Nuura
Expected in stock : 4 - 6 days
Ceiling Cup Ø9 Brass - Nuura
Expected in stock : 4 - 6 days
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Rosettes in various styles

Find our selection of rosettes and canopies in this category. We pride ourselves on having models for every type of personality out there. If you’re more understated, we recommend the hugely elegant and simple Canopy