Stairway lighting

The important thing about stair lighting is that it lights up the staircase and the steps. It’s also essential to use a glare-free light source, which means that a lamp with a lampshade, diffusor, or indirect light is ideal. Staircase lighting isn’t just used to light up your steps but also to give your staircase an elegant and architectural expression indoors and out. You can use various light sources to illuminate your stairs, including pendants, ceiling lamps, and LED panels, all of which create a good stair light. Check out the value for money range of stair lights for your home and garden below.
Emina Wall Lamp Gold - Lindby
RRP GBP 65.00
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Heiko Wall Lamp White - Lindby
RRP GBP 60.00
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Quentin Wall Lamp Gold  Lindby
RRP GBP 70.00
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Kay Wall Lamp White - Lindby
RRP GBP 47.00
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Marit Wall Lamp White - Lindby
RRP GBP 75.00
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Lighting for stairs

When it comes to lighting up stairs, safety is the most important thing. The light source’s key task is to ensure an even distribution of light, so that the staircase and the individual steps are always visible, minimising the risk of accidents. Ceiling l
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