Functional addition to the aesthetic Asteria series from Umage: say hello to Asteria Plus

4 April 2024
Functional addition to the aesthetic Asteria series from Umage: say hello to Asteria Plus
Since the Asteria pendant series by Søren Ravn Christensen first saw the light of day in 2017, the beautiful lighting collection has stood as a prime example of the unique aesthetic that characterizes Danish design: a streamlined and holistic look, pure, unbroken geometry, an exclusive colour language and few but crucial details that give the design personality and character. With the new lights in the Asteria Plus series, there is more focus on the functionality and usability of the lamp without compromising on visual design.

The Plus series has retained the minimalist elegance that characterizes the other pendant lights in the Asteria series. The pendants have the same easily recognizable brass element at the top of the shade and come in two color variants, black and pearl white, which, like the rest of the series, have the special matte look that is an important part of Asteria's DNA. All variants of Asteria Plus retain the energy-efficient LED light source that directs the light downwards in a wide downlight with a CRI value above 90, ensuring accurate color rendering in the room. However, the functional features of the lamps have been expanded in several areas: The lamps have been equipped with a dimmer switch that is hidden on top of the shade, thus avoiding breaking the streamlined design. Here you can adjust the color temperature of the light. The dimmer has three settings where you can vary the light from warm white to neutral white to create the ideal lighting for both work and relaxation. In addition, the Asteria Plus pendants can also be mounted to light rails and are therefore ideal for any area where you need to adjust the position of the light in the room.

You can see all Asteria Plus pendants here.

If you want to combine Asteria Plus with the other variants from the Asteria series, which also includes wall, table, floor and ceiling lights, you can find the entire series right here.