Calming lighting with Alexei Iskos' latest design masterpiece Calm Wall Light

25 March 2024
Calming lighting with Alexei Iskos' latest design masterpiece Calm Wall Light
One day, when Ukrainian-Danish designer Aleksej Iskos was visiting Copenhagen Airport, he was caught by an advertisement. However, it was neither the content nor the product that caught the designer's attention, but rather the format: the soft, textile-like material on which the advertisement was printed lit up with an extraordinarily pleasant glow. This was the beginning of the idea for a new lamp concept and is an example of Iskos' amazing ability to find inspiration in everyday life and translate mundane objects and phenomena into a beautiful design language - materially, visually and functionally.

The lamps within Iskos' new wall lamp series 'Calm' are characterized by exactly the same pleasant light effect that gave rise to the series' name. The outside of the lamp is covered with a tightly woven textile that evens out the light and creates a diffuse lighting effect with a gradual transition from the sides towards the center of the lamp. The light source behind it is an LED module that creates effective accent lighting, perfect for almost any room. At the same time, the light also shines out through the back of the lamp, creating a dark contrast in the lamp frame and a harmonious light pattern on the wall.

The design itself is characterized by a holistic approach with an unbroken design and a detail-reduced exterior, demonstrating Iskos' mastery and expertise in Scandinavian minimalism in interior design. The Calm Wall Light comes in several sizes and color variants with individual color bands along the frame that add a subtle play of color to the shade-neutral design. The lamp is also available with a built-in touch dimmer to adjust the brightness, which greatly expands the lamp's application possibilities. For quick and easy operation of the dimming function, you can also purchase a cord specifically for the Calm series.

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