New portable series from Markslöjd fits all rooms and all occasions

14 March 2024
New portable series from Markslöjd fits all rooms and all occasions
Swedish lighting manufacturer Markslöjd is known and recognized for combining their timeless, Scandinavian design aesthetic with high quality and advanced technology to provide an optimal lighting experience that delights and benefits every day. Another example of Markslöjd's expertise in combining form and function can be found in the new Filo table lamp series, which consists of portables in several beautiful color variants. All the lights are monochrome and kept in a neutral color tone that beautifully accentuates their modern and minimalist expression. The shape also has a beautiful simplicity with a round base, a slim, tubular frame and a cylindrical shade with exactly the same diameter as the base. This gives the lamp a sleek, stylish profile that works particularly well in Scandinavian and Nordic-inspired interiors.

Since Filo is wirelessly designed, you can take the lamp with you, so you can enjoy its practical lighting in multiple rooms at once. The lamp has an IP44 rating, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Filo can therefore easily be taken out on the terrace and balcony or on a picnic. The lamp comes with a USB-C cable for charging the built-in battery that powers the integrated LED module. When the lamp is on, the light shines primarily downwards in a direct downlight. However, as the top of the shade is coated with a frosted plate, the light also shines out in a soft uplight that beautifully complements the primary lighting.

The lamp is operated via a touch button at the top of the shade. This also has a dimming function that allows you to adjust and customize the brightness, so you have the right lighting to meet your every need. After seven hours of charging, the battery is full and can shine for eight hours on the highest brightness setting, and even longer on the dimmer settings.

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