Unlimited joy with Portofino Table lamp in a portable design

15 February 2024
Unlimited joy with Portofino Table lamp in a portable design
In a beautiful union of form and functionality, practicality and a gorgeous exterior, designer Valerio Sommella has created the Portofino table lamp series for Italian lamp manufacturer Nemo Lighting. Sommella was born in Milan and graduated in design from Politecnico di Milano. Since the beginning of his career and especially after founding his own design studio in 2009, Sommella has built an impressive portfolio of beautiful and unique designs. Sommella considers every project an opportunity to express ideas through design concepts and strives to make form, material and technology come together in a higher unity. You can find more of Valerio Sommella's beautiful designs right here.

Sommella's basic principles are clearly reflected in the design of the Portofino Table Lamp, which with its ingenious combination of geometric shapes, tall, slender stature and harmonious interplay of lightness and weight is a work of art in itself. The frame and shade are made of aluminum with a beautiful surface lacquer finish available in several different shades, while the base is made of marble in a matching color. The light source consists of a built-in LED module that is mounted on the underside of the shade, sending the light downwards in a beautiful downlight that both creates beautiful lighting and highlights the beautiful lamp design. The light is operated via a button at the bottom of the frame. The button also has a built-in dimming function, so you can adjust the brightness in three levels. This gives an illumination of 100%, 70% and 35% of the total brightness respectively.

The lamp is wirelessly designed so you can enjoy its light wherever you are. The built-in LED light source is charged via the included cable that plugs into the lamp's USB port. After 4.5 hours, the lamp is fully charged and can shine for up to 15 hours.

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