The Big Lampe Gras Guide

Considering investing in one of the fantastic Lampe Gras lamps, but a little confused by the huge number of possibilities? Have no fear! With help from Lampmasters’ Big Lampe Gras Guide you’ll find exactly the right lamp for your home.

The Lampe Gras lamp was designed by Bernard-Albin Gras in 1922 and was originally meant for use in industry and offices. The lamp was simple and robust and was well-suited to the period’s requirements for functionality. At that time, it was completely unheard-of to use such a utilitarian lamp in a living room or bedroom, but Lampe Gras’ uncomplicated industrial look quickly became popular with people in general and fans of German style and the Bauhaus in particular.  Even the great Le Corbusier, one of the pioneers of what we think of as modern architecture, had a Lampe Gras in his office – quite an endorsement!

Lampe Gras is very popular today – complementing contemporary industrial style – and will fit into every home. Romantic, minimalist or vibrant – whatever your style, there’s a Lampe Gras for you.

But which one to choose? The first step is to look at where you need a lamp. Is the kitchen a little dark? Does the living room need a little mood lighting? Or maybe the bedroom needs an upgrade on the lamp front?

Under each category below you’ll find information about all of the relevant lamps so you can choose the right one for your home.

To see our entire selection of lamps from Lampe Gras, just click right here!


Table Lamps

Table Lamps

If you’re looking for a table lamp from Lampe Gras but you’re not sure which model to choose, you’ve come to the right place!

Their table lamps come in 4 different models:

205 – A cute little number at 39x20 cm, this table lamp comes in 15 different variants and can be used anywhere! 205 has a small base so it will work well on a narrow windowsill or a small shelf. The lamp has a round shade.

206 – Tall, thin and handsome, 206 has a round shade and wood base and is available in a range of colours. 60x20 cm.

207 – This lovely table lamp comes with either a round or conical shade and in 6 variants. 207 will look lovely on a sideboard, shelf or windowsill.

317 – Need something a bit more expansive? The 317 table lamp is the one for you! It’s ca. 70 cm tall and the articulated arm means that it can reach ca. 100 cm and be positioned exactly where you need it. Try it on your dining table or one end of your desk.

If you’d like to see our entire selection of table lamps from Lampe Gras you can find them here.

Wall Lamps

Wall Lamps

When it comes to wall lamps, Lampe Gras is way out in front with its multitude of options. Read on and learn about the different models and the differences between them.

203: A beautiful wall lamp that will work equally as well beside the bed as on a wall in the living room. 203 can extend to a maximum length of 76 cm and comes with either a round or conical shade. It is designed to be mounted over an outlet.

204: Its shorter arm makes it a great choice where space is at a premium. Excellent as a bed lamp or to light up a dark spot in the kitchen. 204 comes with a round shade and should be mounted over an outlet.

210: A slightly different but still gorgeous wall lamp that will look super on any wall. Its stationary rod makes it a versatile choice for the bedside, the kitchen or the living room. Comes with a round shade and in 8 different variants. Equipped with a switch and plug on the cord.

213: An absolutely brilliant wall lamp that can really help fill out a room! Comes with a conical shade and in 8 different variants. 213 is also available as a double lamp – you can find it via the link at the end of this guide. Equipped with a switch and plug on the cord.

214: If you need something a bit bigger than the 210, 214 is the lamp for you! The shade is conical and the rod measures 118 cm. 214 can also fill up space and looks great over a table or on the living room wall over the sofa.

216: Another take on the classic shape, 216 is height-adjustable and has a single elbow. Comes in 7 different variations. Equipped with a switch and plug on the cord.

222: Yet another lovely wall lamp from Lampe Gras’ wide selection. Also equipped with a switch and plug on the cord.

304 Bathroom: A wall lamp for the bathroom! If you have spots in your bathroom at the moment, imagine how fantastic it would look with one of these gorgeous lamps over the mirror or on either side of the sink. 304 Bathroom is approved for use in a wet room – IP 64 – and comes with a round shade and in several different variants. It is designed for direct mounting.
217: A wall lamp with two elbows and a long mounting rod. 217 Would look great in the living room or the office – basically anywhere you need some more light and a cool lamp. Comes with a switch and plug on the cable.

303: A double-elbow wall lamp that would be excellent over the bed or in the living room.

304L40: 304 with a 40 cm arm. For direct mounting.

304L60: 304 with a 60 cm arm. For direct mounting.

304: 304: The basic 304 wall lamp. Available in versions for direct mounting, with a plug on the cable (the model name will contain ‘CA’) and with a plug and switch on the cable (the model name will contain ‘SW’).

If you’d like to see our entire selection of wall lamps from Lampe Gras you can find them here.

Floor Lamps

Floor Lamps

If you’re on the hunt for a fabulous floor lamp, a Lampe Gras is a good choice! They have several models to choose from.

215: A beautiful classic with an industrial twist. The rod is 130 cm tall and the arm is adjustable so you get the light exactly where you need it. 215 has a conical shade, a switch on the cord and comes in several different variants.

411: Lampe Gras at its best! This floor lamp can be adjusted just as you want it and provides high-quality comfortable light. It has a round shade and comes in several variants. 411 is available with either a single arm or a double arm, which you can find here.

230: A slightly atypical Lampe Gras lamp, but still beautiful and classic. The shape of the shade is known as ’oculist’, and it gives a very directed and focused light. The shade can be turned in all directions and the support pole tilts through 86°. Available in several variants.

If you’d like to see our entire selection of floor lamps from Lampe Gras you can find them here.

Ceiling Lamps

Ceiling Lamps

Want to make your home look gorgeous and modern? Then it’s time to buy a ceiling lamp! Instead of going for the classic option of hanging two pendants over the kitchen island or dining table, choose a ceiling lamp instead. Lampe Gras’ ceiling lamps are super-stylish and provide top-quality illumination. It’s just a question of choosing which one you like most!

302: A beautiful ceiling lamp that gives beautiful light! The reach of the 302’s arm can be adjusted from 55 cm to 92 cm, so it can fit exactly where you need it. It’s also available in an even longer version, the 302 L, which can reach from 112 cm all the way out to 2 metres – perfect for a room with high ceilings. 302 has a round shade and comes in many different variants.

312: Another beauty from Lampe Gras, this time with 3 adjustable elbows. This makes 312 extremely flexible and a great choice for lots of different situations. 312 is also available in a longer model, the 312L, with a total arm length of 145 cm. It is equipped with a round shade.

If you’d like to see the whole range of ceiling lamps by Lampe Gras, you can find them here.

Double Lamps

Double Lamps

If one of something is good, then two of something must be twice as good, right?! Lampe Gras models 302, 303, 213, 204 and 203 are also available as double lamps, giving you the chance to double up on fabulousness in your kitchen, bedroom or living room.

You can find them here:


To see the full range of double lamps from Lampe Gras, click here.

Architect Lamps

Architect Lamps

An architect lamp from Lampe Gras is just the thing for your table. The same Lampe Gras look, but without the foot that some people find too prominent or a little clumsy.  It’s like the refined essence of a lamp, and it will look wonderful on your desk or bookshelf.

201: The perfect size for most tables. Comes with a conical shade.

211/311: Comes with either a round or conical shade, and available in lots of variations.

226: Enormously flexible, round shade.

Pendants / Acrobates

Pendants / Acrobates

If you’re looking for an everyday pendant Lampe Gras can certainly help, even if the word ’everyday’ doesn’t really apply to their marvellous products! Lampe Gras pendants are double-hung, either from 2 separate points on the ceiling or on a double cable from a single point – this gives them a distinctive and exciting look. The company actually calls them ’Les Acrobates des Gras,’ and there is certainly something acrobatic about the way they’re suspended.

322 Pendant:  2 cables, 1 canopy! An incredibly lovely lamp with a look all its own. Available in regular and XL sizes and with a round, conical or oculist shade.

323 Pendant: A striking pendant, sure to be eye-catching in your home. Also available in regular and XL, with three different shade options and in lots of variants.

Outdoor Lamps

Outdoor Lamps

A Lampe Gras outdoor lamp would be an attractive addition to any outdoor space. There are several different models available, but one thing they have in common is how well they tolerate wind and rain – just about any type of bad weather. You can even install one by your pool or at your little seaside getaway.

304: 304: A charming little lamp, ideal for lots of different outdoor situations. The shade has a diameter of 14 cm – a really useful size to hang next to the front door or somewhere else on the façade. Comes with a round shade and should be mounted directly.

304 XL: 304 XL: Same as the classic 304, but with a larger 22 cm shade. Round shade, direct mounting.

217 XL: A big, beautiful outdoor lamp, great for wall mounting or over a table on the terrace. Comes with a round shade and a 4 metre cable.

222 XL: If you like a lamp with presence, the 222 XL with its 67+37 cm double arm has real impact. It comes with a round shade.

213 XL:  This attractive wall lamp will really lift the look of your balcony or terrace. Round shade.

304 XL 75: The classic 304 model with a longer arm. Great if you need to light something that’s no right next to a wall. Comes with a round shade.

Here is our complete selection of Lampe Gras outdoor lighting.

We hope that this overview has helped you get a handle on the Lampe Gras universe, and that you feel ready to make your choice. But really, you can’t ever go wrong with a lamp from Lampe Gras! (And Lampmasters!)

You can see the whole range here.