Soft Green – The newest member of the family

There are many reasons why the green colour has become modern in recent times. One of these is that the green colour reflects our growing attention to the organic and natural mindset. The green colour sends out a certain signal while also tapping into the fashionable trend of having more green plants in your home. You can use the green colour as an invitation to bring in more natural elements and create a calming, down-to-earth space to retreat into when you need a break from the digital world.

Colour trend – back to nature

The green colour is original, sophisticated, and easy to incorporate into your décor. Thanks to the natural vibe, the green can be used to create a calming atmosphere in any room.

As we go in to the next decade, we continue to focus on mental health and the wellness movement. Neutral, sophisticated colours with a muted feel can help cultivate an atmosphere of stillness and calm. Green painting on walls and furniture, modern wallpaper with natural elements, and décor composed of natural colours and materials grip the senses. It works well inside and outside the home, where it creates a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. It works particularly well in a Nordic setup, as this style of design focuses on natural elements, bringing attention to natural materials and colours alike.

New Flowerpot VP9 To Go Lamp – Also in Soft Green

In 2019, &tradition launched the iconic lamp in a version suited for the trends of our time: Flowerpot VP9 Portable Table Lamp is a portable version of Verner Panton’s popular Flowerpot lamp. With a height of 29.5 cm and a diameter of 16 cm, the lamp is smaller than the original. It also features a built-in LED light source that can be set to three different brightness levels.

Although the lamp is already available in various colours, it has also been launched in Lampmasters’ Soft Green. Classic design meets modern technology and a trendy colour that’s a sure bet for any home.

The Ball Wall Lamp, Soft Green

Can’t get enough of the gorgeous colour? Then check out the Ball wall lamp from Frandsen. The lamp is now available in Soft Green to breathe some new life into your décor. Place the Ball wall lamp in Soft Green in the bedroom, child’s room, or in your reading nook of choice.

The Ball wall lamp is a lovable little lamp that was designed in 1968 by the Danish designer Benny Frandsen. The lovely wall lamp is classic, iconic, and stays true to the original design. These days, it’s available with an electrical box and fabric cable that give the lamp an exclusive look.

New lamp with a natural vibe

In collaboration with &tradition, we here at Lampmasters have developed our own version of Verner Panton’s popular Flowerpot VP3 Table Lamp and Flowerpot VP1 Pendant in a dusty, green colour. It is the perfect fit for the trends of our time, and it complements the modern style and the retro revival that continues to thrive.

Choosing a colour is never easy, and although we had many colours up for discussion, we are confident that we ended up with the right one. This wonderful colour is green with yellow undertones, as if it had come straight from the rolling fields. It comes straight from nature, and it fits perfectly with our growing interest in selfcare, wellbeing, and reuniting with nature – our desire to integrate nature into our interior design to create spaces where we can retreat and recharge.
Lighting in nature’s favourite colour

Lighting in nature’s favourite colour

The calm, green colour gets a lot of attention within the world of lighting design. Other products to note are the stylish Ambit Pendant by Muuto, which is perfect for mounting above a coffee or dining table. It is available in three different sizes, all of which work well on their own or in a cluster in one of the dark corners of your home. For a neater expression, place them in a straight line above your kitchen island.

The delicate Costanza collection by Luceplan offers a soft and delicate green colour that feels cosy, comfortable, and peaceful. Available as a pendant, floor, and table lamp, this lamp can easily be integrated into any room in your room, and it works with all styles of décor. For an incredibly sophisticated look, opt for the avocado green Diablo collection, which is a unique and decorative collection. It was designed by Belid, who have decided to create pendant, floor, table, and wall lamp versions, all of which guarantee a comfortable light that doesn’t blind.

In terms of elegant lamps, the feminine Kabuki by Kartell is worth mentioning. Aside from bringing the modern, green colour into your décor, it also offers a completely unique expression. Regardless of whether you choose the pendant, table lamp, or floor lamp, it is guaranteed to let out the light in a way that ensures an incredible reflection in the room.

In the decorative category, DybergLarsen have given us the lovely Illumin Desert Sage Pendant in a dusty, green colour to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere. The pendant is shaped like a lotus flower, contributing to the feeling that nature has been brought into your home.

At Lampmasters, we offer a wide selection of lamps in green shades, and you can browse them all right here.

Timeless classic meets current colour trends

The popular Flowerpot pendant was designed by Verner Panton in 1969, and he drew on the flower power revolution of his time for inspiration. His design is fully symmetrical, giving rise to a calm and elegant look that delivers a comfortable and indirect light. The lampshade consists of two hemispheres, and the bulb is hidden under the smaller of the two. The smaller hemisphere is exactly half the size of the larger one that makes up the lampshade itself.

The timeless lamp has proven its value as a classic time and time again. It stands out in the sense that it is a piece of Danish design history with a design that complements many styles of interior design. It is a must-have for anyone who has joined the retro bandwagon that continues to reign supreme. We have no doubt that the combination of Verner Panton’s gorgeous Flowerpot lamp and the calm, green colour will be a hit.

See the gorgeous Flowerpot in Soft Green here.