Singles’ Day at Lampmasters

International Singles Day is the world’s biggest treat-yourself event, and it takes place annually on 11/11. In 2023, Lampmasters is celebrating Singles Day with lots of gorgeous deals from November 11th through November 14th. Get ready for lots of exciting deals on all three days. Some of them are available for a limited supply only, so don’t wait too long once you know what you want!

What are we actually celebrating on Singles’ Day?

Singles’ Day (or Guanggun Jie, as it’s known in China) was originally an attempt to break up the sameness and loneliness of singlehood. At least, the story goes that such was the conversation between four students at Nanjing University in 1993. To break with the uniformity, they decided to celebrate singleness with a day full of fun activities with their friends.

Setting the date for Singles’ Day on November 11 wasn’t a random decision. It’s the day of the year with the highest number of “singles” (1s): 1-1/1-1.

The tradition quickly spread to other universities around China and, later on, to other countries around the world. In the first few years, Singles’ Day was seen as a response to Valentine’s Day, and the deals were mostly tailored to single people. These days, there can be a deal on more or less all sorts of products on Singles’ Day. Just like on Black Friday.

Whether you’re single or not, it’s important to remember to treat yourself. There’s room for self-indulgence, and it’s the perfect power boost before we head into the Christmas season. Treat yourself or someone you love to a new lamp. On top of the joy of giving a gift, you receive a gift to light up the heart of your home or create a cosy atmosphere, no matter if you’re with the people you love or revelling in your own company.