FLOS STORIES: To-Tie - It's all in the name

29 September 2023
FLOS STORIES: To-Tie - It's all in the name
The unique new table lamp from Milanese designer Guglielmo Poletti

To-Tie is Flos' newest lamp and represents the first lighting design commission from exciting new creator Guglielmo Poletti, known for his penchant for 'self-explanatory' design. And To-Tie fully lives up to this description: a distinctive table lamp where the essence is reduced to the bare essentials, assembled solely by mechanical tension and named with a title that perfectly rounds off this work of art.

The result is an eye-catching yet simple design that unfolds around an interlocking movement without the use of screws, glue or welding. The ingenious structure not only makes the lamp highly sustainable, but also allows the different elements to perform multiple functions. The light source is integrated into an aluminum rod that also serves as a handle, while the electrical power cable not only powers the lamp but is also the crucial element that ties it all together.

The To-Tie collection includes three different lamps, each with the right size and proportions for specific environments. The smallest model is suitable as a bedside lamp, the tallest version can be placed on a console and the largest will look great on a low table in the living room. Wherever they are placed, the To-Tie lamps will stand out thanks to their unique and distinctive composition.

Guglielmo Poletti has reached this milestone in his career through an unusual and non-linear journey, which in many ways reflects his artistic work. A chance lecture he attended ignited a spark of interest that gradually led him into the world of design, where he worked as an intern and attended workshops with two very different design personalities before beginning his education at Design Academy Eindhoven.

Today, Poletti operates from his own studio in Milan, which he personally designed and renovated. Poletti's creative process stems from the art of creation and in-depth investigations into structural tensions and materials, which he uses to evoke his intuitive visions. The creative freedom and unique expertise that Flos offers designers has enabled the translation of his experimental approach into an industrial lighting product. This first lamp for Flos exudes the spirit and genius of the Castiglioni brothers and can rightly be considered a true Flos lamp.

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