Welcome the new All Star designer team NINE

3 November 2023
Welcome the new All Star designer team NINE
A brand-new brand specializing in modern interior design has entered the scene and, despite its young age, already boasts a wealth of beautiful creations to beautify interiors and improve everyday life with their practical and application-oriented designs. NINE was founded in 2023 by nine colleagues from the Danish company Nine United, which is behind a number of well-known brands such as &tradition, Stellar Works and Verpan. The founders had a shared dream of creating a true pan-European designer brand with sustainability and usability as its foundation.

The underlying ideas are described by NINE's founders as a fresh straightforwardness with usability in mind. NINE's products are designed to be used, upgradable, repairable and recyclable once they have served their purpose. At NINE, sustainability is approached from a holistic point of view, taking into account production, use, lifespan and everything after that. This idea shines through in their designs, which are all characterized by a beautiful simplicity and all seem simple in both appearance and function. The absence of hidden details and opaque mechanisms gives the various design collections from NINE an open and intuitive expression that makes them easy to access and easy to enjoy in everyday life. If you want to know more about NINE and see all their beautiful designs, you can find them here.

The brand primarily specializes in homewares and accessories of all kinds, which you can find right here.

However, NINE also offers a wealth of beautiful lamp models. Especially when it comes to pendant lighting, NINE has many beautiful designs that have been created in collaboration with a wide range of renowned designers from all over the world.

See all lights from NINE here.