Discover stylish lamps and beautiful interior design from Margit Brandt Interieur

13 September 2023
Discover stylish lamps and beautiful interior design from Margit Brandt Interieur
Margit Brandt's name rings clear for all design connoisseurs. A design icon in Denmark and abroad, Brandt (b. 1945) has been known since the mid-1960s for her creative design universe that provides both a sense of luxury and the perfect hotel atmosphere that everyone can recognize and appreciate. Margit Brandt had the ability to make her designs both timeless, innovative and trend-setting, whether it was a jacket or a candlestick. This has provided her with an extremely wide audience that still appreciates her designs today. That's why Lampemesteren is proud to showcase a large selection of interior design products, including lamps, from the trendsetting Danish designer and continue to deliver aesthetically pleasing and quality-conscious designs for Danish homes.

The particularly stylish series of table lamps, which can be found right here, brightens up the dark corners of your living room with their soft glow and aesthetic design. Both the velvet shade and the glass base match in color, and the shade has a special depth. This creates a beautiful play on the surface of the lamp and is a great example of Margit Brandt's unrivalled ability to create designs that are both modern and timeless.

If you're looking to create a cosy atmosphere with candlelight, Margit Brandt Interieur offers a wealth of beautiful candle holders and candle holders that you can find right here All candle holders are made from clear and resistant crystal glass that reflects light and creates a cosy glow. All candle holders feature the same slim profile and round glass elements, making them easy to combine to create your own Margit Brandt crystal candle holder collection.

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