FLOS STORIES: Discover the beauty of the Tab design from Flos and its subtle elegance

23 April 2024
FLOS STORIES: Discover the beauty of the Tab design from Flos and its subtle elegance
Enter a world of light and aesthetics with the Tab design from Flos - a masterpiece created by visionary designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby. These lamps are more than just light sources; they are a symbiosis of form, function and elegance that enriches any space they illuminate.

The Tab lamp's design is simple, but its simple folds create a visually clean shade that embraces the light and disperses it with grace and precision. The aluminum body, carefully painted to achieve the perfect finish, forms the lamp's stable foundation, while the ceramic reflector adds a subtle touch of luxury to the lamp.

The technical craftsmanship behind Tab is deeply impressive. The adjustable head allows you to target the light with precision to suit any situation. Whether you're sketching your dreams on paper or creating a cozy atmosphere in the room, the Tab lamp is your reliable companion. And thanks to the minimalist aluminum shade, the light can be fine-tuned to achieve the perfect illumination.

The Tab lamp is not only an aesthetic piece of lighting, but also incredibly versatile. It is available in two different formats; both as an elegant table lamp for your desk or windowsill and as a slim floor lamp next to the sofa group or in the reading corner. Plus, it comes in two modern colors, either in a brilliant white or a timeless black finish. Whatever your interior design style or needs, the Tab lamp offers a tailored solution to enhance any space.

So let the Tab lamp by Flos become an integral part of your home. Let its subtle beauty light up your creative moments and create an atmosphere of calm and elegance. With the Tab lamp, you don't just get a lamp; you get a decorative element that transforms your home into an oasis of light and style.

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