Enhance your interior with beautiful designs from Muuto's 'Strand' series - now as a table lamp!

26 February 2024
Enhance your interior with beautiful designs from Muuto's 'Strand' series - now as a table lamp!
The pendant lights in the Strand collection balance the perfect harmony between lightness and weight. The graceful, floating look that gives the lights their unique appearance - achieved by the beautiful white surface, voluminous design and invisible pendant cords - is elegantly offset by their pillar-like structure. Now, however, the aesthetic pendant is also available as a table lamp in the same beautiful design.

The mastermind behind this beautiful creation, designer Benjamin Hubert, has deliberately incorporated associations with clouds in the sky into the design of the lamp. The thin, durable tissue paper that makes up the shade is stretched tightly over a steel frame with slender struts, creating a complex and thoughtful structure that envelops the light source while also acting as a diffuser. The transparent appearance allows light to penetrate efficiently through the shade material, filtering it for a warm, pleasant and, above all, uniform appearance. "The Strand Table Lamp is truly a tactile and functional light source with soft illumination throughout its body, enriching any space with an appetizing, sculptural quality".

The functionality of the lamp is not only reflected in its versatile light quality that suits almost any room, but also in its integrated dimming function that allows you to adjust the brightness to suit your needs and preferences, providing the right lighting for any occasion.

Strand Table Lamp is also available as a pendant in several different versions. The beautiful balance between lightness and heaviness, the structure, the choice of materials, the color and the entire design concept is repeated in all the lights within the series, so they can easily be combined for a stylish and coherent expression in the room's lighting.

View the table lamp and the rest of the beautiful collection right here.