Collector: A new classic collection from Menu

6 October 2022
Collector: A new classic collection from Menu
A simple silhouette of cylindrical lampshades that are squeezed into a conical shape by a solid brass belt, perforations around where the cones let out, soft hues, quaint light, and stylish, streamlined lines.

That’s how easily you can describe the new Collector collection from Menu, which has just hit the lamp market. Or, more specifically, hit the lamp market again—because the recognisable and nostalgic expression of the Collector lamps isn’t a new invention. It was created by the legendary Alf Svensson.

Alf Svensson was a Swedish designer who made a name for himself in the world of lamp and furniture design in the 1950s—and although his name might not be as famous as those of his contemporaries, we guarantee that everyone knows Alf Svensson. When his designs pop up at auctions, the bids run high.

The hourglass-shaped model was designed back in the middle of the previous century, and it is a prime example of the evergreen mid-century modern style that arose partially in Scandinavia but truly took off once it reached the US.

In the post-war years, the US experienced a mass migration from the cities into the suburbs—and when the war veterans built houses, mid-century modern was the preferred style of construction and décor, thanks to its slanted, flat roofs and minimalist designs.

The style is easily recognisable thanks to its streamlined lines, simple shapes, and geometry, not to mention its airy touch and love of natural materials—and Collector is a perfect example of how you can use these characteristics to create something new that truly makes an impression.

Thanks to the Danish brand Menu, the Collector collection is now back on the market, and Collector is being launched as two different pendants with five and three light sources, not to mention a wall lamp with a single light source. All of these lamps are made of steel, aluminium, and brass, and they all share the same gorgeous expression. They look incredibly on their own and paired with one another, and the timeless design ensures that they fit into practically all styles of décor. The lamps provide a comfortable ambient glow, and they’re great for living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.

Find the collection here!