TWO new Keen table lamps from the Danish brand Hübsch - Read more about them here

1 August 2022
TWO new Keen table lamps from the Danish brand Hübsch - Read more about them here
If you like exquisite Scandinavian design that never goes out of style, we have great news. The Danish brand Hübsch has launched a new, decorative design that imbues your décor with seamless elegance and a stylish touch.

Hübsch was established in 2010 by Flemming Hussak, Jannie Krüger, and Daniel Henriksen based on a passion for good design and a desire to create something unique and different. Ever since, the company has only grown, and it is now considered one of the leading Scandinavian interior design brands. Hübsch is firmly rooted in the keyword ‘joy’ as the brand believes it can create joy with its remarkable high-quality products that greet their surroundings with a smile and provide the best possible service every single day.

With the help of its creative team in Denmark, the brand has once again succeeded in creating a minimalist, elegant, and remarkable design guaranteed to add a decorative touch and a spark of joy to any style of décor.


With a name synonymous with ‘eager’ and ‘excited’, it’s no surprise that we’re over the moon about these new, aesthetically pleasing table lamps here at Lampemesteren. Keen has a cylindrical shape with a round lampshade that ensures a soft, comfortable downlight. The lamp is made of iron and comes with either a beautiful brown brass or a dark blue surface, so you can find the perfect model for your style and atmosphere of choice. No matter which model works for you, you are guaranteed a functional light source and a decorative addition to your décor that contributes charm and personality to your home.

Due to its humble size, Keen can be placed anywhere you want around the home. Bookshelves, desks, windowsills, and nightstands are all great places to start. No matter where you set up Keen, it’s bound to command admiration from your guests and spark joy for you and your family.

Find both Keen table lamps from Hübsch here