&Tradition launches exquisite Herman Bang-inspired table lamp!

8 September 2022
&Tradition launches exquisite Herman Bang-inspired table lamp!
There’s nothing like classic, elegant, timeless, not to mention durable design to decorate your home for generations to come. This is the goal and passion at &Tradition, and in autumn 2022, the result of the brand’s process is a series of exciting new designs, including the unique Herman table lamp.

&Tradition is exactly what the name implies—a brand rich in tradition that reworks and relaunches design icons from famous designers and creates new classics with contemporary, talented designers who live up to the brand’s ambition to produce exquisite craftsmanship, durability, shape, functionality, not to mention aesthetic.

The new Herman table lamp greatly reflects these qualities with its classic, stylish, and durable design, featuring rich materials that suit all styles of décor from traditional to modern. The creator of this unique product is Signe Hytte, whose collaboration with &Tradition is named after the iconic Danish author Herman Bang. The lamp serves as a tribute to his artistic legacy and way of life.

The lamp is a lovely combination of rich materials, including opal glass, marble, and walnut sprinkled with stunning chrome details that complete the lamp’s aesthetic and nostalgic expression in the most beautiful way. The result is a lamp that brings to mind the remarkable lamps that stood on Herman Bang’s desk as he wrote his classics.

You can place this lovely table lamp anywhere you want in your home, although the windowsill, bookshelf, and—of course—desk are some of the most obvious choices. The white opal glass lampshade ensures a diffuse, comfortable, glare-free glow. No matter where you place the lamp, you are guaranteed a practical and decorative addition to your décor that will command attention and admiration, all while inspiring nostalgia.