Exciting new products from Louis Poulsen - Find the new PH lamps here

13 June 2022
Exciting new products from Louis Poulsen - Find the new PH lamps here
In 2022, Louis Poulsen has given us at Lampemesteren the best present! The iconic lighting brand has launched a series of fantastic new products. This time around, Louis Poulsen has developed a familiar design, which, in many ways, is synonymous with the way Louis Poulsen shapes design and light these days.

The PH design was created back in 1926 by the influential Danish designer and architect Poul Henningsen, who well and truly made his mark on Danish design history throughout his career. One of his claims to fame was the innovative three-shade system, which he developed in 1926 in an attempt to improve the light from his lamps by minimising glare. In the years that followed, Henningsen designed hundreds of lamps based on his iconic three-shade system, which continues to guarantee an exceptional quality of light.

Just like the rest of the PH collection, the new PH 3/3 and 5/5 models are characterised by their reflective three-shade systems. They come with fixtures in white opal glass or matte black coated metal with a white inside. The result is a stylish and exclusive look that complements modern and classic styles of décor and improves the light experience in shops and restaurants. No matter their placement, the lamps contribute an atmospheric light and double as a unique, architectural statement piece.

The new PH 3/3 and 5/5 models are considered ‘full-size’, making them ideal for rooms with high ceilings, where they contribute a lovely, glare-free glow. With the transparent blown opal glass lampshade in three layers and the version with a matte black metal top lampshade and middle and bottom lampshade in opaque opal glass, the new PH 3/3 lamps create a warm and comfortable glow. The PH 3/3 and 5/5 models with matte black metal lampshades and a white inside reflect a beautiful downlight into the room. If you want an even softer distribution of light, insert the matte glass base.

Adorn your home with a piece of Danish design history that never goes out of style.

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