Apollo Portable Table Lamp - Feel the joy and the glow

7 April 2022
Apollo Portable Table Lamp - Feel the joy and the glow
Have you ever bought a gorgeous new lamp but struggled to decide where to put it? You’re not alone—because when you invest in a stunning piece of design, you want to see it everywhere. Thankfully, portable lamps have taken the world by storm, and these days, most lighting brands offer portable designs. With that in mind, it’s not surprising that the Danish brand HAY has decided to give the modern trend a go too. The result is the incredible Apollo Portable Table Lamp that satisfies all requirements for a wireless table lamp as it’s highly functional, fit for outdoor use, and remarkably decorative.

HAY strives to create versatile products that can be used in any environment and satisfy all needs, and to live up to this ambition, the brand collaborates with Danish and international designers. This time around, the result is the new Apollo Portable Table Lamp, designed by STUDIO 0405, a brand with a passion for playing with the surroundings that amplify our lives and the dialogue between object and human in various contexts.

Hay Table Lamp

STUDIO 0405 has created an elegant, minimalist, and aesthetic table lamp using a single piece of opal glass with soft, round curves that give the lamp a classic and modern look fit for all styles of décor. The stunning opal glass allows the lamp to create a soft, comfortable, and atmospheric light that radiates warmth and cosiness inside and out. And as the lamp is wireless, the only limit with regards to placement is your imagination. You don’t need to commit to a single spot because you can move the lamp around as needed. Furthermore, the lamp is dimmable, so you can control the brightness using the touch step dimmer feature, creating the perfect atmosphere and light. Find joy in Apollo’s warm glow, and enjoy the light as it frames your favourite moments for years to come.

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