TWO new PH Limited Edition lamps from Louis Poulsen - Find them here!

1 September 2022
TWO new PH Limited Edition lamps from Louis Poulsen - Find them here!
We’re beyond excited here at Lampemesteren, and for good reason: Louis Poulsen is adding not just one but TWO new PH Limited Editions to the already impressive PH collection. This time around, it’s a PH 3/3 pendant and a PH 3/2 table lamp in an exciting new combination of exquisite brass and opal glass.

The year 1924 marked the beginning of the grand PH adventure that resulted in an iconic system that revolutionised the way we think of light, resulting in thousands of PH lamps over the years. The influential designer Poul Henningsen managed to create not just a lamp but a complete system that paved the way for diffuse, comfortable, glare-free lighting, and this is part of the reason that PH lamps are still some of the preferred light sources in homes across the world.

PH 3/3 Pendant & PH 3/2 Table Lamp

Every year, we’re blessed with a new PH Limited Edition, and this year, we’ve been so lucky as to be blessed with two. Naturally, these special editions are based on the famous reflective three-shade system, so they create a soft, glare-free glow that spreads throughout the room. The pendant and the table lamp are characterised by their stunning combination of opal glass and unpolished brass, which creates a cosy and warm feel, not to mention an atmospheric light that contributes to the inviting, relaxed atmosphere. The warm, metallic notes add a vintage touch to your décor, and the lamps are equal parts decorative and practical.

The PH 3/3 pendant has an exciting twist as it is equipped with a new socket and a special-made canopy that completes the lamp in the most beautiful way and makes it extra eye-catching. Both Limited Editions are made with blown Italian opal three-layer glass, which is shiny on the surface and sandblasted matte on the inside, ensuring a lovely, comfortable, and uniform light. Both special editions feature an engraving of Poul Henningsen’s signature, giving them a highly exclusive and sophisticated touch that contributes to their natural and irrefutable draw.

Adorn your home with a unique Danish design icon with a story told through exquisite craftsmanship that never goes out of style!

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