Iconic Kaiser Idell designs in a new modern hue!

8 March 2022
Iconic Kaiser Idell designs in a new modern hue!
Time to get excited! To celebrate its 150th anniversary, Fritz Hansen is relaunching the two iconic designs by Christian Dell in an exquisite Easy Grey. Fritz Hansen was established in 1872, and the business has since made its way into Danish and international design history, making it an exclusive international brand. Aside from manufacturing high-quality designs, Fritz Hansen is known for its exquisite craftsmanship and unique style created by leading architects and designs around the world, including Arne Jacobsen, Kasper Salto, and Cecilie Manz amongst many others.

Fritz Hansen creates timeless and original designs that are visionary in their use of precious materials. Everything is thought through down to the last detail, giving each piece of furniture a strong identity and an ability to shine no matter the surroundings, and the updated Kaiser Idell designs are no exception. The new grey shade gives the original designs a modern Nordic twist that fits seamlessly into all styles of décor. The latest editions are also equipped with stunning brushed brass details, which are the perfect match for the neutral shade as the brushed brass lights up its surroundings and creates a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Kaiser Idell

The revolutionary designer, Christian Dell, first started designing lamps back in 1926, and since then, he has produced one classic after the other. Worth highlighting is the Kaiser Idell collection, which was introduced in 1936 with the first Kaiser Idell 6631 Luxus table lamp, which continues to be a simple of noble Germanic design to this day. The collection is based around his patented swivel joint, manifesting an original, exquisite, and first-rate Bauhaus design.

Kaiser Idell 6718 & Kaiser Idell 6722

These Kaiser Idell lamps clearly reflect Christian Dell’s ability to create unique Bauhaus designs with exquisite materials and careful constructions. His Kaiser Idell scissor lamp combines Dell’s patented swivel lampshade with a pull-out arm, making the light more flexible and focused to suit your needs. The Kaiser Idell Pendant 6722 has a simple and compact shape with a discreet size that makes it fit for mounting anywhere whether on its own, in a row, or as part of a cluster. No matter the mount, the pendant contributes a lovely, comfortable downlight. Both Kaiser Idell lamps are now available in an exquisite Easy Grey hue that gives the original design icons a modern, exclusive expression.

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