The return of a minimalist 50s classic – timeless Tripod HM9 Table Lamp

22 June 2021
The return of a minimalist 50s classic – timeless Tripod HM9 Table Lamp
Following the overwhelming success of the gorgeous Tripod HM8, the design of which can be traced back to the golden age of Danish modernism in 1953, the Danish brand &tradition has chosen to revive the complementary HM table lamp. The Danish charm is impossible to miss in the carefully balanced sharp, neat lines and soft, harmonious curves. The simple, understated shade of the coated steel adds a beautiful contrast to the subtle brass elements that connect the base and lampshade to the transverse lamp stand. Despite the 50 years that have passed since the design was completed, Hvidt and Mølgaard’s masterful use of the interaction between shape and functionality remains as captivating and seductive as ever.

Peter Hvidt and Orla Mølgaard first collaborated in the shadow of the Second World War, designing the Portex collection for the Furniture Export Association in 1944. The association aimed to supply the war-torn homes and flats of Europe with small spartan furniture. The international breakthrough came in 1950 with the Ax chair, which was awarded the Diplôme d’Honneur at the Triennale in Milan in 1951. Until their retirement in 1975, Hvidt and Mølgaard created no fewer than 256 pieces of furniture, including a grand piano. The precise, simple aesthetic that caught the world’s attention all those years ago remains emblematic of confident Scandinavian stylishness.

Tripod HM9 brings a strong touch of timeless style and Nordic quality into practically any home, whether you place it on the desk or in the reading nook in the living room. The gorgeous lampshade ensures that the comfortable warm light never shines directly into the eyes, but rather downwards, lighting up the morning paper or dancing in the half-empty wine glasses of an evening gathering. The fabulous design is available in three colours: black, maroon, and moss, providing some flexibility when it comes to choosing the right model to bring out the best in modern and classic homes alike.

Find Tripod HM9 in the various lovely shades here