The charming ghost – Ghost floor lamp from Woud

10 August 2021
The charming ghost – Ghost floor lamp from Woud
No need to call the ghostbusters—this is a spirit you won’t want to cast out. Woud’s lovely and charming Ghost is now available in a bigger floor lamp version, giving you new opportunities to add an elegant and quirky touch to the dark corners of your home. Inspired by the lovely oil lamps that once stood on the nightstands of princes and tenant farmers alike, the German designer Andreas Kowalewski has dressed the classic shape in a gorgeous modern lampshade of transparent opal.

The effect is the illusion of a friendly illuminated ghost that lies in wait in the corners of your home, spreading a lovely diffuse glow all the while. When the lamp is off during the day, the grooved opal glass gives the appearance that the slim black metal frame is covered in a white cloth. The simple Nordic contrast between black and white makes it easy to integrate the lamp into classic décor, and it’s simple to move around, thanks to the convenient handle.

Ghost was created in collaboration between Studio Kowalewski and the Danish brand Woud. Kowalewski trained as a carpenter and industrial designer. His work builds on practical minimalism with the ability to create meaningful products that add beauty and functionality to our daily lives. This philosophy is the perfect match for Woud, which has worked with over 30 talented designers with a shared passion for elegant Nordic minimalism since 2014. Woud lamps are characterised by a stylish approach that balances functionality and aesthetics without compromising on quality.

The Scandinavian design philosophy is clearly reflected in the beautiful Ghost, which brings together the modern and the classic to create something bigger. The elegant touch of humour and personality makes Ghost a lively and captivating addition to any room. The brightness can be adjusted, so the expression of the light is always perfect, whether you’re planning a romantic dinner or a reading session in your favourite armchair. A haunting has never been more welcome.

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