The Italian chameleon – Camouflage from Flos

25 October 2021
The Italian chameleon – Camouflage from Flos
Pierro Lissoni’s architectural training reveals itself in the genius exchange between the minimalist Camouflage and the lucky wall on which it hangs. The simple geometric shape and various available shades make it easy for the lamp to blend into its surroundings, so much so that you barely notice it during the day. But as soon as darkness falls and the light comes on, Camouflage appears, dressed in a halo of light that transforms the outdoors with a cosy and inviting atmosphere, even at twilight. The light source is set behind a wide lampshade to ensure that the light is always indirect and never blinds.

The exciting new design comes from the Italian brand Flos, which has been manufacturing lovely luxury lamps of impeccable Italian quality for more than half a century. The minimalist design looks stunning in modern and classic contexts alike. If you want a more dynamic expression, you can mount Camouflage lamps of various colours in exciting constellations on the wall, genially reinterpreting the purpose of the camouflaged lamp. If you want to show your outdoor space the same love and attention as you do your living room, kitchen, and hallway, then Flos is the obvious choice.

Camouflage features an IP65 rating and is therefore fit to withstand the whims of nature. Whether Camouflage from Flos is placed in your garden or driveway, it adds an unmistakeable Italian and Mediterranean touch. Camouflage comes in a gorgeous organic green, a deep brown, and a range of discreet light and dark hues. No matter your desired expression, the Italian chameleon is up for the task and ready to bathe the dark winter months in a beautiful glow.

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