Knit-Wit lamps in a new colour: Tweed Green

1 February 2021
Knit-Wit lamps in a new colour: Tweed Green
Knit-Wit Tweed Green is the new colour in the popular Made By Hand lamp collection. The wonderful colour is named Tweed Green after the classic tweed look. By combining two threads—one green and one silver—the designers have achieved a deep green that reflects light in the most beautiful way.

The Knit-Wit trademark is the unique lampshade made of knitwear. The material gives the lamp a distinct and decorative expression. Even though the knitting technique is centuries old, it remains an amazing technique for creation complex shapes without seams and other joints.

The colourful and personal home

We’re starting to bring more and more colour into our interior design. The trend towards colourful décor looks to be making a comeback in 2021, as people swap their white porcelain, small furniture, and lamps out for colourful alternatives and unique materials.

While nature still plays a key role in interior design, the new Knit-Wit colour is the perfect fit for the trends of our time. On top of adding colour to the room, the green shade ushers in a calm and relaxing atmosphere and lights up its surroundings in a 360-degree glow.

Jump on the trend with one of the new Knit-Wit lamps - Find the complete Knit-Wit collection in Tweed Green here