In Vitro Unplugged – Elegant and practical outdoor lamp from Flos

25 April 2021
In Vitro Unplugged – Elegant and practical outdoor lamp from Flos
We at Lampemesteren are beyond thrilled to say benvenuto to In Vitro Unplugged, the new outdoor wall lamp from Italian Flos, a brand that has been synonymous with high quality and industrial design since 1962. The graceful wireless lamp lights up the dark on your picnics, beach trips, and garden visits, and it guarantees six hours of perfect light at four adjustable brightness levels. Afterwards, the lamp can be charged using a simple USB-C cable.

The designer behind the elegant and functional lamp is the Frenchman Philippe Starck, whose work reflects the perfect balance between elegant functionality and aesthetic grace, as always. Nowhere is the philosophy clearer than in this lovely lamp, the minimalist design of which takes the mind on a journey to a simpler time, when nature and the city were in balance. With its height of 300 mm and smart strap at the top, the lamp can easily be brought outside. The aluminium frame makes the lamp solid and easy to carry.

If, like so many others, you’re excited to once again gather outside and enjoy some cosy evenings by lamplight that promises first-rate light and timeless design, look no further. As the warm summer evenings creep ever closer, calling the Danish nature tempts us to stay inside, and if you’re looking for an easily recognisable high-quality lamp to enrich your evenings, there’s hardly a better option than this Flos lamp.

Find In Vitro Unplugged here