New brand - Say hello to Artek

23 February 2021
New brand - Say hello to Artek
We’re pleased to welcome Artek to the Lampemesteren family. The Finnish brand is one of the biggest, most renowned designer brands in Finland—and for good reason. Their elegant collection offers amazing lighting solutions that have a great impact on the surroundings in the room. Artek are known for their tradition of quality and unparalleled respect for nature.

The birth of Artek, with Alvar Aalto
The designer Alvar Aalto knew he wanted to be an architect when he was just nine years old.  He had an unusual flair for creating a sense of unity in his designs. As a result, he started designing furniture, home accessories, and lighting solutions tailored to the individual building. Due to increasing demand, Artek was established in 1935, allowing the general public to buy his designs for the first time.

The name “Artek” is a portmanteau of the words “Art” and “Technology”, reflecting the desire to combine technical production expertise with artistic design and materials of the highest quality.

Finnish design is more than just décor. It’s more like a lifestyle in touch with nature. This is reflected in the care for nature and an ability to bring nature into the realm of interior design. Perfect for the trends of our time that continue to gravitate towards natural elements.

Find the range of Artek products here