Grupa’s Arigato 45 – Precision, balance, and grace

28 April 2021
Grupa’s Arigato 45 – Precision, balance, and grace
We bow to the new Arigato 45 with a smile and say a heartfelt Domo Arigato to the Croatian brand Grupa for adding a beautiful new model to the exciting Arigato collection. The new Arigato lamp features an even bigger lampshade with a diameter of 45 cm, compared to the 22 cm of previous models. The lovely new lampshade furthers the beautiful contrast effect with thin yet strong and graceful arms. The aesthetic expression brings East Asian imagery to mind. The name pays tribute to the precision, balance, and grace shown by the martial artists in the region who always end their sparring with a thank-you: Arigato.

The unique design comes from Croatian Grupa Products. Filip Despot, Ivana Pavic, and Tihana Taraba work together to create lamps that bring innovation, functionality, minimalism, and flexibility together. This philosophy is clearly reflected in any Arigato lamp, with its neat lines and simple monochromous colours. The expression is almost Scandinavian in its stylish simplicity, but it features a hint of East Asian mystique and elegance, making the lamp something truly special. The hidden light source is reflected in the white inside of the lampshade and creates a diffuse glow that doesn’t blind, whether it lights up your couch or dining table.

The strong arms have an impressive range of 140 cm, and like true karate masters, they shift effortlessly from one position to the other, whether horizontal or vertical. The lampshade can also be tilted and spun to ensure that the light always falls exactly where you want it. An Arigato ceiling or wall lamp creates a strong industrial look that works particularly well in modern homes. Arigato 45 can be mounted in pairs, creating an amazing effect of two duelling arms to complete the distinct expression.

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