Forestier Pendants

Pendants are a key light source in any room. They light up the rest of the décor and add a decorative break when they hang from the ceiling like jewellery. The pendants from the Forestier design collective are no exception, and since the 10 designers are given carte blanche to create what they want, the brand is truly a Swiss army knife. Whether you need a natural and organic design for your home, such as Arik Levy’s Bamboo, or a glamorous and exclusive centrepiece for your high ceilings, such as Kateryna Sokolova’s Gravity, Forestier is bound to have something for you.
Parrot Pendant M Green - Forestier
RRP GBP 517.00
Expected in stock : 21 - 24 days
Parrot Pendant XL Green - Forestier
RRP GBP 1,087.00
Expected in stock : 21 - 24 days
Papillon Suspension XS Golden - Forestier
RRP GBP 134.00
Expected in stock : 21 - 24 days
Cymbal Suspension M Gold - Forestier
RRP GBP 518.00
Expected in stock: 24-05-2024
Gravity 1 Suspension Golden - Forestier
RRP GBP 951.00
Expected in stock : 21 - 24 days
Parrot Pendant L Brown - Forestier
RRP GBP 690.00
Expected in stock : 21 - 24 days
Libellule Suspension L Black - Forestier
RRP GBP 536.00
Expected in stock: 03-05-2024
Parrot Pendant S Brown - Forestier
RRP GBP 310.00
Expected in stock : 21 - 24 days
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