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Travel back to the 1960s with us. Beach Boys blasted from record players, the Flower Power movement was in full swing, and Martin Luther King’s famous “I have a dream” speech echoed through the USA. In Denmark, the first design hotel in the world was erected in central Copenhagen – and that design hotel also saw the birth of some of the most popular and iconic lamps and pieces of furniture from Arne Jacobsen. And those very lamps are the focus of this article. More specifically, the AJ floor lamp.

Arne Jacobsen revolutionizes Danish design

Arne Jacobsen revolutionizes Danish design

Arne Jacobsen was born in 1902 and trained as an architect in 1924. But the young Jacobsen had creativity coursing through his veins, so after graduating, he started a new degree at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in 1927. Arne Jacobsen’s way of thinking was innovative and shaped by his architectural background, so he quickly became one of the aspiring stars of the school. The year after he graduated, he won a design award for a project for the National Museum, and that set the tone for his promising career in design.

In the 1930s, Arne Jacobsen truly put his name on the map by spearheading the new style known as international functionalism. In the years that followed, Arne Jacobsen designed a range of houses in Denmark and the rest of the world, all with the simple, functionalist, modern expression. Rødovre City Council, the National Bank, and Århus City Council are all icons created by Arne Jacobsen’s hand.

Over the course of the 50s, Arne Jacobsen ventured into furniture design with the same architectural shape as his buildings. The Ant was the first chair to see the light of day, and it remains an incredibly popular chair around the world to this day.
The world’s first design hotel

The world’s first design hotel

That brings us to July 1st, 1960, when a special building in the Danish capital was finally completed: Denmark’s first skyscraper. SAS Royal Hotel became an iconic part of the Copenhagen skyline.

SAS Royal Hotel was designed by Arne Jacobsen as the world’s first design hotel. Its intention was to boost tourism to Denmark, particularly making it an attractive destination for US tourists who had increasingly good access to the Nordic countries thanks to new flight routes.

Arne Jacobsen’s eye for modern and elegant design permeated everything at the hotel. The iconic chairs – the Swan and the Egg – were designed for the hotel’s foyer and served as a soft contract to the edgy architecture across the rest of the building. The style permeated the entire building, including cutlery, bedside tables, curtains, and wallpaper.
A design icon is born

A design icon is born

Lighting was – of course – also part of the design concept. Arne Jacobsen has since stated that he didn’t like the fluorescent lamps that were necessary for lighting up the foyer, so he put extra work into all the other lamps featured in the hotel.

The AJ Lampswere designed as sculptural and picturesque additions to the décor at the SAS Royal Hotel in 1957, and their shapes and elegant architectural expressions were completely new to the world of light design. Louis Poulsen have since picked up manufacturing of the AJ Lamps.

These days, the AJ Lamps are some of the most popular lamps out there because their timeless design fits perfectly into any home. Whether you prefer Nordic, minimalist décor or you like colours that pop and live by the “more is more” principle, there is an AJ Lamp for you and your home out there.

AJ Floor Lamp - Pamper yourself and your home

AJ Floor Lamp - Pamper yourself and your home

Lean back on the couch, put your legs up, and enjoy a hot cup of coffee. Look around your living room. What’s missing? How about a lovely, elegant AJ Floor Lamp in the corner to give your living room that extra gorgeous touch of luxury that complements any piece of furniture?

AJ Gulv eis a stunning and decorative lamp available in a range of colours, so there’s something for everyone. Arne Jacobsen’s classic design truly comes into its own in this fantastic lamp, which is also available as a wall lamp and table lamp.

The AJ Floor Lamp is a piece of designer furniture in itself, and it’ll look amazing next to the couch, bookshelf, or perhaps in the walk-in closet. As the name implies, the AJ Floor Lamp is guaranteed to look fantastic in any place that has a floor. This is truly a lamp with a fascinating history, and it strikes the perfect balance between references to the past and the modern look.

Do you like midnight blue, ochre, rusty red, classic black, fresh aubergine, dark green, simple white, or grey? Are you more of the classic type who doesn’t like too much colour, or do you go all-in and go for the colours that really pop? The choice is yours, but regardless of which colour you choose, the AJ Floor Lamp is a lovely addition to your home that you most definitely won’t regret.

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Arne Jacobsen has also designed a lot of other beautiful lamps, including Royal and Bellevue, which you can also find at the shop.

Below, you can see how you can implement your AJ floor lamp in the most beautiful way.

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