Design By Us Wall Lamps

The wall lamps from Design By Us follow in line with their philosophy and unique energy.

Design By Us is in no way a normal set-up… to call them ordinary would probably just offend them, and you could end up finding a shredded teddy bear in your bed as a part of the holy design crusade.

A design team filled with energetic individuals is the force pushing the company’s constant evolution. The inspiration originates from modern tendencies and personal values, thoroughly deconstructed and then recreated in their solutions. Together with a ton of humor and a constant sense of curiosity, this has become a trademark for Design By Us and their distinctive designs.
Ballroom The Wall Wall Lamp 57cm Smoke - Design By Us
RRP GBP 389.00
Expected in stock : 4 - 6 days
Night Rider Wall Lamp Lacquered Brass - Design By Us
RRP GBP 511.00
Expected in stock : 4 - 6 days
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