The PH collection expands to include two incredible new floor lamps - Find the new Louis Poulsen lamps here

21 July 2022
The PH collection expands to include two incredible new floor lamps - Find the new Louis Poulsen lamps here
Do you love classic, iconic, timeless design with history? Then we have exciting news for you! Louis Poulsen has added two new floor lamps to the famous PH family.

The influential designer Poul Henningsen first designed the iconic three-shade system in 1924, and a few years later, the first PH lamps were launched in collaboration with Louis Poulsen at an exhibition in Paris. The close collaboration between the two genius designers continued until Henningsen’s death in 1967, and the family has only grown. Another model was added in 1974, and the collection is currently home to more than 1,000 models.

PH was the first lamp to follow a scientific approach to lighting as the design is based on a logarithmic spiral. This allowed the innovative designer to create a design that ensures a uniform distribution of light across the entire curve of the lampshade. Combined with the diffuse reflection through the glass, this even distribution of light provides control over glare and shadows—and just like the rest of the family, PH 80 is also based on the thorough three-shade system.

After Henningsen’s death in 1974, Louis Poulsen decided to mark the 80th anniversary of the designer’s birth with a PH 80 lamp. The original PH 80 design was characterised by its familiar red reflector, which distributed the light as a warm, intense, and atmospheric glow, and the opal acrylic lampshades added some fresh visual input and ensured a beautiful, diffuse, and glare-free glow.

In 2022, PH 80 is being presented in a familiar design with a black or white finish and a smooth surface on the base compared to the slightly rough surface on the original PH 80. The black PH 80 has a black top shade and a white top reflector, ensuring an elegant and modern look, not to mention a comfortable distribution of light in the room. The stand and the socket holder are both matte black, ensuring a lovely contrast with the opal acrylic lampshades. The white version adds a minimalist, stylish look with its white top reflector, top sheet, and stand. The monochrome colour palette completes the PH 80 collection with a modern, discreet alternative to the classic PH 80 floor lamp. Both models feature a white reflector on top, which creates a lovely reflection of light and ensures a neat, elegant look.

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